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How to Choose the Right Gym

Living in the northwest, we’re active people. We are fortunate to be surround by mountains, hills, and lakes that leave us with endless sport and recreational activities. But what do we do when we want to be active but it’s grey and rainy in the winter? Or, if the air quality outdoors is bad due […]
Sunriver - Clinic

New Partnership with Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

Greetings, This year marks the 31-year anniversary of La Pine and Sunriver Physical Therapy. On behalf of my staff, I would like to thank our communities for your continued support of our services. I am pleased to announce some changes occurring at our locations. Effective June 4th, 2018, we will begin a partnership with Therapeutic […]

Best of Portland - Please Vote For Us!

Therapeutic Associates Downtown Portland Physical Therapy has been nominated as a candidate for Best Physical Therapist in the Willamette Week 2018 Best of Portland Readers' Poll. Voting has begun and we would be honored to have your vote in the physical therapy category.
Shared Decision Making

What's the Difference Between a Physical Therapist and a Chiropractor?

Many patients coming to physical therapy have at some point considered going to, or have been to, a chiropractor. Physical therapists and chiropractors often treat similar conditions and areas of the body, leading patients to wonder, “What’s the difference between a physical therapist and a chiropractor?” While chiropractors and physical therapists treat and even co-treat […]

Trail Running: Prepare for the Challenge

While running on trails, the angle and location of one’s foot contact is more variable, increasing the demand on the musculature that stabilizes the foot, knee, hip, and trunk. Adding in exercises that challenge these stabilizer muscles, while strengthening the muscles that propel us forward is a great way to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury.