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low back pain - oregon city physical therapy

Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain

The start of a new year is a good time to discuss one of the most common diagnoses we see in the clinic, and a condition that affects over 80% of all people at some point in their lifetime. Low back pain is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence throughout the world, and costs the US economy $135 billion a year.
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy - Athletic Club of Bend - Facility in Bend, Oregon

Aquatic Therapy

Physical Therapists use the water and specifically designed activities to restore a person’s functional abilities. Conditions treated can range from acute to chronic. The physical properties of water allow for decreased weight-bearing, increased support, ease of movement, and resistance for strengthening.
Legs of Fit Couple Exercising on Treadmill Device

Bend Wellness: Exercise to Ease Chronic Anxiety This Year

A new year offers the potential for new opportunities and experiences. For those who struggle with general and consistent anxiety, however, the prospect of the new year and the expectations that come with it can be tricky to maneuver. It’s with this in mind that Bend physical therapist Laura Cooper reminds us that one of the most natural and effective ways to ease anxiety symptoms any time of year is through regular exercise.

A Case for Nose Breathing

We have all heard the comedic-derogatory tone associated with mouth-breathing. While mouth breathing is no actual indicator of intellectual or physical potential, it can be an indicator of our health. How we breathe can determine if our potential actualizes, or not. As comedy points out, there is something less than optimal about mouth breathing. There is a very strong case for nose breathing over mouth breathing.

Bend Wellness: Find Relief from Holiday Tension Headaches with Physical Therapy

The fact that the season of giving, joy and celebration can also be our most stressful time of year is one of the worst kept secrets of the Holidays. And yet, year after year, we charge forward, often fighting through tension-type headaches to complete our shopping, plan for get-togethers with friends, and fulfill all our family obligations. But why fight through the headaches, asks Bend physical therapist Kaylee Kuzma, when a physical therapist can often provide relief from tension-type headaches by correcting the problems that cause the pain?