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Shoulder Pain - Physical Therapy

Why are my shoulders clicking?

Clicking and popping around the shoulders is not always indicative of something bad going on in the area, as the body is designed to move and adapt itself as we move throughout the day. These symptoms could be caused by muscles and tendons moving over each other or by moving over other structures in the shoulder area. They could also be related to the joints in that area themselves.
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Kids, Masks and Sports

As parents and coaches of young athletes, it is a foreign experience to see them head onto the sports court or field with masks on their faces. After a year without middle school, high school and club sports, getting back in the game is an exciting time for kids and everyone who supports their athletic adventures.

How long should I use ice packs after breaking ankle?

After an injury, ice can be helpful for the first week during the inflammation phase to help with pain and swelling. Icing can continue beyond the first week as needed to help with pain management. It’s not clear that icing beyond the first week or so after an injury will have a significant impact with swelling.

What could be causing my knee to feel weak/tired?

I have been running for a while now. I have a goal of training for a half-marathon, but I was never able to get above 5.5 or 6 miles because my knee started feeling weak towards the end of my runs. I took a break for a couple months to rest and because I rolled my ankle on the opposite leg, but now I can barely finish a mile.
person grabbing low back pain

Is the short arc quad exercise safe for those with low back pain?

In general, the short arc quad will place less strain on the low back compared to lying leg raises. The short arc quad exercises will also work to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. How much it strengthens the muscle will depend a bit on how your current strength is and how much weight you are adding at the ankle.