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FI_Balance Workout Class

Feeling Off Balance? Here's What You Can Do

Reflecting on our participation in the YMCA Healthy Seniors event, I was so impressed to see such an active bunch of seniors. However, one constant I heard was that many still had an elevated concern about balance and how to keep this in check. If you are currently going to the YMCA, then you are […]
NAPT_AK Whittaker 6

There is Magic in Movement - A.K. Whittaker, Sponsored Athlete

Last August I was faced with a terrifying reality: my health may never be the same. As I lay in ICU, reality slipping in and out, wires and cords connected to me from all angles, I clung to the hope that maybe, just maybe, I would come out of this medical tragedy and be able to recover well enough to be a functional parent again, much less run another race.
Woman drinking water

3 Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer

As summer approaches, spending more time outdoors sounds more and more appealing. How do we know when and how much to drink to stay hydrated, especially in summer?

Lifting Tips for Beginners

Picture this: you’re in the gym and you see big, burly guys repeatedly picking up and putting down heavy objects. Maybe you’ve accidentally wandered over to this side of the gym in search of a foam roller or you intentionally ventured over there out of curiosity. This has happened to most regular gym-goers at some […]