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Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy - Find the Location Nearest You

We've Moved! New Clinic Location

I am pleased to announce the move of Therapeutic Associates Clackamas Portland Physical Therapy to our new facility! We will begin treating patients in our new space on Monday, June 29th.
Shoulder Strengthening_Week 1

Shoulder Strengthening Program

We recently ran a 4-week training program on our Facebook page to help build stronger shoulders that can be completed with minimal equipment and space. Each Monday we posted a new video with a series of exercises that can be completed 3-4 times over the week. Each session should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Small Change is Still Change - A.K. Whittaker, Sponsored Athlete

Do you set out with a goal in mind and think” I can TOTALLY achieve that! It’s completely do-able”, Only to begin on your action plan and be met with unexpected challenges? That was EXACTLY my experience this year as I embarked upon my venture into the sport of Olympic weightlifting. This is a sport I have coached for many years, but never competed in myself.
Male Patient Describing Injury To Osteopath

Prioritizing Your Health & Wellness With Open Doors

On April 29th, Governor Inslee released additional guidance for interpreting Proclamation 20-24 which limits non-urgent medical procedures. We realize that many people, including some of our patients, have had to postpone procedures.
Male Patient Describing Injury To Osteopath

Prioritizing Your Health & Wellness With Open Doors

On May 1st, Governor Little issued the state-wide Stay Healthy Order as part of stage one of Idaho Rebounds: Our Path to Prosperity, a staged plan for re-opening the state’s economy. With this, hospitals have begun to look at slowly increasing elective and non-urgent surgeries.