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Choose Your Shoes

Running Shoe Types and Selection

Shoes come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, and fashion. We all wear shoes and we wear different types of shoes for different types of activities. Finding the right shoe for the specific activity you are participating can often be a confusing and complex process. Marketing and advertising often confuse the general public and you may end up buying a shoe that sure looks great and has a fancy name but may not be “the best” for your foot.

Fitness Toolbox: The Benefits of Foam Roller Use

The use of foam rollers before and after workouts can aid in both relief and recovery. Walk into most fitness stores, athletic retailers or gyms, and you’ll see them selling different versions of colorful, cylindrical items of various sizes and thicknesses, all covered in firm, textured foam.

Maximize Ankle Health

The ankle joint is one of the most common sites for acute musculoskeletal injuries and sprains account for 75% of ankle injuries. Most ankle sprains (80%) are caused by “rolling” your foot inward (inversion sprain). Without adequate care, acute ankle trauma can result in chronic joint instability.
Oregon Pain Summit

Therapeutic Associates attends local Oregon Pain Summit

Our Forest Grove Physical Therapy Director, Scott Hein, attended the Oregon Pain Summit this past weekend. He joined a few Therapeutic Associates colleagues as well as other physical therapists, physicians, and mental health professionals from around the state.