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Male Patient Describing Injury To Osteopath

The Elephant in the Room for Orthopedic Physical Therapists

In January of this year, The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (JOSPT) published an article that caught our attention. JOSPT, one the most distinguished and respected journals for physical therapy in the field of orthopedics, generally publishes literature reviews and research studies with the aim of identifying and improving quality practices for physical therapists.
Legs of Fit Couple Exercising on Treadmill Device

Discovering Success with Movement

Whether it is doing yard work, exercising at the gym, or simply running errands. Our aspirations sometimes exceed our current capabilities. This is commonly referred to as a “boom and bust.” This pattern of “booming and busting” can be frustrating and difficult to break, especially when you are in pain and struggling to develop a strategy to combat it.
Fall Risk

What is Fall Risk?

Falls are a common risk among older adults that has been steadily increasing. According to the CDC, 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 fall every year. With falls being so prevalent, it is no surprise that they are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries in adults 65 and older

What should I do after an ankle sprain?

Did you know? It is estimated that 55% of individuals who sprain their ankle do not seek medical treatment. Due to poor management, there is a high recurring rate with ankle sprains. Lateral ankle sprains are one of the most common orthopedic injury with a high recurrence rate.1 What happens when I have an ankle […]
person grabbing low back pain

Tips for Low Back Pain Prevention

Does your back hurt? Studies have shown that more than 80% of us will have one or more significant episodes of low back pain in a lifetime and more than a third of us will have an episode in a given year. Low back pain has many different causes and that is why treatment needs to be individualized. Treatment approaches that help one person might be completely wrong for another person. Low back pain does not have a “one size fits all” solution!