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Mobility Monday

Keep yourself pain-free while working from home with weekly stretching and mobility routines. Each week will focus on different aspects of the body.
hands holding knee knee pain osteoarthritis

Knee pain is keeping me from exercise

I had a knee problem about 5 years ago. MRI showed nothing wrong, but I couldn't walk comfortably for fear I'd fall. I saw a PT who was kind but gave me boring exercises I did but didn't help clear the problem and another PT who just massaged the upper leg. I ended up "waiting it out" so to speak as it eventually just got better.
man gripping shoulder

Why do I have shoulder pain after doing push-ups?

I recently started working out more frequently, doing 3-5 hour long yoga sessions every week and trying to build arm strength by doing 30 push ups (with my knees down) every day. A few days ago, I noticed a sometimes-dull sometimes-sharp ache in my right shoulder when I'm going about my day - whether sitting on my computer during work, or making dinner, or even reading.
group of people lifting heavy barbells in gym

I'm experiencing pain while weight training after a six month hiatus

I’m beginning a weight training program after a long hiatus (6 months) from any kind of training. When I did my first lower body day, I had to stop after my first set of body weight walking lunges because of sharp pain in my glutes and the tops of my hamstrings. This was the 4th exercise of my workout and I warmed up and stretched beforehand.
Close-up of running shoes walking on road

Should I get customized shoes if I have a difference in leg length ?

Leg length differences can be difficult to fully appreciate. Some people have a "true" leg length difference which means that one of their bones (femur or tibia) is just shorter than the other. Other people have a "functional" leg length difference meaning it's from their pelvis or back like if they have scoliosis. Their legs are the same length, but one looks shorter because their spine is curved.