Feature: Caring for body & soul

David Standifer, physical therapist and clinic director of Therapeutic Associates Central Point, says, "My purpose is to give my patients activities that will get them back to their regular lives. It's important to me that people don't simply live with the pain, but understand that they can do all the activities they love without that nagging discomfort in the background." It takes hard work on the part of both therapist and patient, but is well worth the effort.
FORCE Lab - Bend Physical Therapy

Local runners participate in pioneering 'maximal' shoe study

Dr. Christine Pollard, an Oregon State University-Cascades biomechanist and physical therapist found the maximal shoes curious. While much research had been dedicated to minimalist running shoes, Pollard’s new study on maximal shoes is the first to be conducted. Independent from any shoe manufacturer’s influence, Pollard enlisted more than 20 Central Oregon runners to participate in the study.

Yoga Can Help Golf Game

Golf pro Bob Garza demonstrates balancing stick pose with his golf club at Lost Tracks Golf Club in Bend. Garza says yoga has helped his golf swing and protects his lower back from injury. When Bob Garza was in high school and college, yoga was not considered a man’s activity or a particularly athletic thing to do. The 53-year-old pro golfer is thankful things have changed.

Exercise Can Lower Golf Scores

Ideally, a golfer will start a routine in December like Boos. But Cooper, a TPI-certified golf fitness instructor, says there is still time to get in proper golf shape before the meat of the Central Oregon golf season begins.