Former Portland football players prepare in Lake Oswego before NFL rookie years

At this point, Elvis Akpla and Ethan Johnson take nothing for granted. While getting a massage at Shawn Dailey's sports clinic, L.O. Physical Therapy, on Monday, the Lincoln High School graduates count their blessings. They finished college with useful degrees -- finance for Johnson, pre-med for Akpla -- and their families, who still live in the Portland area, are supportive.

Inspired by Clive Charles, former Pilot soccer player wins Portland Marathon

Runners in the Portland Marathon have names written on their race bibs. Most go with their given name, but a few opt for a nickname, such as “Boss Man,” or “Geezer.” Colleen Little of Lake Oswego went for inspiration, as she had “4 Clive” written on her bib. The late Clive Charles, the man who once coached Little in women’s soccer at the University of Portland, drove her to victory in the marathon Sunday morning in downtown Portland.