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Interval training can boost health

High-intensity interval training, loosely described as spurts of intense exercise broken up by short periods of rest, has long been used by elite athletes to improve performance and by fitness enthusiasts to burn fat and increase muscle. It's also becoming accepted as a preventive tool to improve the heart and lung health of older and unconditioned people. Studies have shown that it improves the function of blood vessels and the heart and might lower the risk of chronic diseases.
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Physical Therapists mesh sociability with rehab

Laura Cooper, the clinic’s director of physical therapy, wants it to be warm and inviting — a world removed from a traditional clinic setting, which she says can be “a little bit more cold, sterile and impersonal.” Building community among physical therapy patients and creating a more inviting atmosphere for patients is a growing emphasis among some of Central Oregon’s clinics. Local therapists believe going through rehabilitation with fellow patients leads to a faster, more effective recovery.

Padgett back on D-1 path after life-threatening blood clot

The Padgett family said her recovery wouldn't have been possible without Dr. Bents and the tremendous work of Dybdahl to get her back into playing shape in less than nine months even through her blood clot scare. Having seen her future flash before her eyes and get another chance at it, like an inside fastball, Skylar isn't letting another opportunity pass by.

Eliminate Pain With a Bike Fitting

Bike fitting focuses on the cyclist’s contact points on the bike—foot and pedal interface, saddle, and stem and handlebars—and includes a thorough assessment of the cyclist’s body and cycling biomechanics, including videos from the front, side and back. Functional tests should include walking, jogging, single leg squat, balance, etc. A clinical fitter (i.e physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.) may include other tests appropriate for the clinical setting to assess current and prior injuries, neural involvement, joint integrity, range of motion, soft tissue restrictions and the cyclist’s boney architecture.

If You’re New to Maximalist Shoes, Start With Minimal Mileage

When the barefoot running and minimalist shoe trend was at its peak, curious runners were advised to transition gradually to more stripped-down footwear. Now it seems that same caution is warranted if you’re moving in the other direction, from traditional trainers to the mega-cushioned models known as maximalist shoes, according to new research.