Eliminate Pain With a Bike Fitting

Bike fitting focuses on the cyclist’s contact points on the bike—foot and pedal interface, saddle, and stem and handlebars—and includes a thorough assessment of the cyclist’s body and cycling biomechanics, including videos from the front, side and back. Functional tests should include walking, jogging, single leg squat, balance, etc. A clinical fitter (i.e physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.) may include other tests appropriate for the clinical setting to assess current and prior injuries, neural involvement, joint integrity, range of motion, soft tissue restrictions and the cyclist’s boney architecture.

If You’re New to Maximalist Shoes, Start With Minimal Mileage

When the barefoot running and minimalist shoe trend was at its peak, curious runners were advised to transition gradually to more stripped-down footwear. Now it seems that same caution is warranted if you’re moving in the other direction, from traditional trainers to the mega-cushioned models known as maximalist shoes, according to new research.

Feature: Caring for body & soul

David Standifer, physical therapist and clinic director of Therapeutic Associates Central Point, says, "My purpose is to give my patients activities that will get them back to their regular lives. It's important to me that people don't simply live with the pain, but understand that they can do all the activities they love without that nagging discomfort in the background." It takes hard work on the part of both therapist and patient, but is well worth the effort.