Manipulation Protocol

Manipulation Protocol

TOUT_LBPRevolutionManipulation of the spine is a safe therapeutic treatment of the spine to relieve low back pain. An advanced form of mobilization, manipulation is a skilled technique that is performed to help restore motion and improve function.

Better Faster

Spinal manipulation performed within 16 days of symptom onset in the presence of spinal stiffness, absence of symptoms below the knee, and serious hip range of motion deficits is 95% effective within two treatments. 95% success rate of pain relief after only 2 VISITS!

Better Outcomes

Research behind the Manipulation Protocol shows patients presenting with greater than or equal to 4 of the Clinical Prediction Rule factors are 24 times more likely to have a successful outcome with spinal manipulation. Stated another way, research shows that there is a 95 percent likelihood of successful outcome with manipulation.

In cases where the patient falls within the Manipulation Protocol, research has also shown that patients treated with spinal manipulation have better outcomes than using exercise or modifying home activities alone.

If you are currently experiencing Low Back Pain

Research has shown that Physical Therapy treatment within 14 days of LBP onset can significantly improve your recovery.

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Do as much of your normal routine as possible (bed rest for longer than a day can actually slow down your recovery)

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