Blood Flow Restriction Training

Rehabilitation, Performance and Recovery

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is a technique using FDA certified tourniquets/cuffs that safely and intermittently restricts blood flow to a muscle region to improve strength, gain muscle size, improve bone density, enhance recovery, and increase cardiovascular performance. BFRT allows for similar improvements in strength that one would see with heavy weight training, however uses light loads to spare surrounding joints.

Blood Flow Restriction-7Common Conditions for Referral

  • Pre- & post-operative
  • Joint and muscle injuries
  • Muscle weakness
  • Ligament injuries
  • Recovery from heavy workouts
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint replacements

Benefits of BFRT

  • Increases strength & muscle size
  • Prevents atrophy
  • Injury rehabilitation & recovery
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness

How It Works

BFRT utilizes Doppler measurements to ensure arterial blood flow remains present and mimics high intensity workout/weight training sessions with minimal weight and joint stress. This allows for only 20-40% of weight to be used when compared to high load training. Decreasing oxygen in the muscles during exercise leads to muscle cell swelling and growth. Allowing for low oxygen levels leads to shifting fluid to the cell wall, causing them to swell which reduces muscle loss and stimulates protein synthesis. Increased muscle fatigue leads to high levels of muscle recruitment that can only be found in high intensity weight training workouts.

Low oxygen levels increase muscle unit recruitment and stimulate the body to produce hormones which lead to improved health, recovery, and strength of muscle and bone. When BFRT is used with light loading techniques, it can positively stimulate the release of growth hormones, which play a role in IGF-1 and aids in collagen production. This assists with injuries to tendon, ligament, muscle, and bone.

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