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At Therapeutic Associates, our certified hand therapists are dedicated to the art and science of restoring hand function after surgery. Most of us don’t realize how limiting a hand injury is in our daily lives until it happens. Compassionate care with our experts includes evaluation and individualized treatment of conditions due to post-surgical repair of tendons, ligaments and fractures. 

Discomfort after hand surgery can impact mobility and make daily activities exceptionally challenging. With consideration of your specific surgery and focus on your goals, your physical  therapist will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that includes exercises and therapies designed to help relieve swelling and pain, as well as to restore range of motion, strength and function.

Hand Therapy Goals

We work closely with each of our patients and their physicians to ensure the best possible care and recovery. Together, we optimize surgical outcomes through compassionate, customized care designed to help with the healing process, increase your ability to get back to the things you love, and prepare you for a return to daily work and/or activities.

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Did You Know?

It is beneficial to start hand therapy prior to surgery to help strengthen the hand and to prepare for surgery.

Therapeutic Associates specialized hand therapy services

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