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Developmental Pediatric Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Associates

Gross motor play is crucial for children's growth, development and independence.

Developmental pediatric physical therapy addresses issues that impact a child’s ability to grow, develop and participate within their community. This encompasses many body systems and often involves care between a team of health care providers. Along the course of early development, the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems may have dysfunction and need attention to promote improved movement, posture, and quality of life.

At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, our specialized pediatric providers assess and address systems that need attention to improve motor milestones and quality of movement to increase the independence and safety of our kiddos. Hands on techniques, parent/caregiver education, neuromuscular education, and purposeful play (or exercise) are how we promote healthy movement. We want children to thrive in the body they were given!

We see newborns, infants, toddlers, and teens and want to develop a healthy relationship with movement and positively influence their relationship with fitness across the lifespan

Developmental Pediatric Physical Therapy - Therapeutic Associates

Common conditions we see:

How we help

When a kiddo demonstrates signs of atypical development we are here to help. This may be the posture they have, the way they walk, or a motor milestone such as crawling or walking that has not yet been achieved. The nervous system is adaptable and something we aim to positively impact with the interventions we use. A hands-on approach and parent/caregiver education are used to help elicit the movement patterns desired. We then emphasize practice of those movement patterns and postures to promote carry over into our daily function to promote health and wellness throughout the lifespan.

We are a member of your child’s medical team that aims to help them thrive in their day-to-day environments. This means utilizing shared decision-making, communicating with other members of one’s care team and accessing resources to improve quality of life when and where necessary. It is also our mission to minimize wait times and increase ease of access to pediatric physical therapy services.

What to expect

The first session involves an evaluation and assessment that takes into consideration past, present, and future influences on your child. Parent/caregiver information, tests and measures regarding strength, quality of movement, postural control, in addition to standardized assessment tools are used to establish dysfunction, impairment, and age equivalents of typical developing peers. Treatment plans are designed to target parent and child’s needs and wants to promote healthy movement and holistic wellness.

We purposefully play! And while playing, it influences the nervous system to promote healthy sensory inputs, proper processing, and effective motor outputs

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Research shows that early intervention is helpful in effectively addressing musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. If you have concerns regarding your child’s posture, their gross motor level, the way they move or the pain they experience do not hesitate to follow up with physical therapy. Our goal is to reduce wait times and barriers to care, help families improve access to appropriate resources and progress children’s function to maximize their development and quality of life!

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