Golf Performance Program Components

About the Program

Our Golf Fitness and Performance Program is designed to:

  • Improve the strength and flexibility specific to the golf swing
  • Increase the individual’s awareness of their body position during the golf swing
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Develop increased endurance and overall physical conditioning
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Through these areas, the ultimate goal for each golfer is to:

  • Help you swing better
  • Hit the ball further
  • Score lower
  • Play without pain

Program Features

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Functional Screen involves a detailed analysis of the client’s mobility (flexibility) and stability (strength and balance) as they relate to the movements needed to complete a biomechanically sound golf swing.

Both individual and group packages include consultation with the client’s swing coach, medical provider, and/or fitness instructor as needed.

The Program Includes:

  • Golf-Specific Mobility and Stability Physical Screening
  • 3D Motion Analysis including kinematic sequencing using the K-Vest
  • Balance and pelvis-to-torso separation coordination
  • Biomechanical Swing Analysis
  • Customized, web-based TPI exercise program to address specific physical limitations
  • Manual therapy and facilitated stretching to maximize mobility
  • Communication with your PGA golf instructor, physician, and/or fitness professional