Quick note to let you know the exercises have been incredibly helpful. I am rotating so much better, decreased back pain and pivoting on my traditionally weaker left leg so much better!!


I have worked with Chris Cooper for physical therapy following two surgeries. The first was in 2011 following rotator cuff surgery when I tore two tendons, and then again in 2013 following hip replacement surgery.

Following both surgeries, Chris worked with me to regain the mobility and flexibility needed for everyday activities, and to rebuild the muscles that had atrophied as a result of the injuries suffered and recovery from surgery.

I am a golfer and my motivation was to get back in shape to play golf without risk of further damaging these joints. Chris was excellent. I met with him 3 times per week initially, then moving to 2 times per week. At each session he measured my progress relative to flexibility and strength. He worked with me on specific exercises, showing me the correct movement and explaining the purpose of each exercise. He developed a plan for me to get back to golf – first to regain the flexibility and strength and then a plan to ease into golf – e.g. starting with chipping and putting.

I followed his guidance and it paid off! I have fully recovered from both surgeries. I play golf 3-4 times per week, usually walking the course and have absolutely no pain or discomfort in either joint. I also work out regularly and hike – again no issues.

I trust Chris Cooper completely. He was focused on my needs. He did not rush the recovery, but developed a plan that would ensure my full recovery. He was thorough in his explanations and open and responsive to my many questions. And I appreciated his style – calm, attentive, respectful – and he has a wonderfully gentle sense of humor. It was a delight working with Chris.

In addition, the whole team at Therapeutic Associates was on board with my plan. The scheduling of appointments and work with other specialists was easy and efficient. All the staff was very pleasant.

I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Cooper and Therapeutic Associates at the Athletic Club of Bend.

Mary Jensen

“Throughout MYTPI program I have made great strides with my flexibility, strength, and balance. These are keys in golf to make it more relaxing and enjoyable. These three areas have greatly helped my swing motion in accordance with the golf swing. Following Chris Cooper’s program you can really help yourself. 15 to 25 minutes a day, or every other day, will really help you. You can setup your own schedule to suit your daily schedule. If you are having problems with flexibility, strength, and balance, you owe it to yourself to try this program. I am 64 and hope to play alot more years, and I truely beleive as long as I continue this program that I will.”

– Clyde

Thank you Chris for the Winter Golf Conditioning class that you presented at the Athletic Club of Bend. The results I have achieved exceeded my expectations. Not only have I/we improved my flexibility and strength, but I now have a better understanding of the components of my golf swing. Your supervision, along with your assistant Lindsey’s, has been so helpful as we rotated through the exercise stations that you set up for each class. I am looking forward to continuing my workouts at home with minimal equipment.”

– David, 9 handicap

“Two years ago I made an appointment with Chris for his golf performance assessment. As a beginning golfer later in life, I thought I needed all the help I could get! I had no idea how right I was. As the result of the assessment it was discovered I had a back problem that was impacting my swing. After additional medical assessment and three months of work with Chris to build my core strength, I was able to start a downward trend of my handicap. More importantly, I am now able to play the game nearly pain free. Chris helped me understand the importance of golf fitness and I recommend his services to anyone! He is the best.”

– Dee

“Chris – We enjoyed those sessions with you on the golf-specific exercises. I have played golf for about forty years now and have never been exposed to anything like it. I have, over the years, heard a lot about “core strength” and only now understand what it entails. Best of all, the equipment that you used is simple to buy and use at home. At 74 years old I had noticed a yearly decline in that hallmark of golf capability – distance off the tee. As a result I have been working harder on flexibility, but this new dimension – core strength – looks even more promising to me, as your measurements of my swing speed have demonstrated. I look forward to an improved game this summer.”

– Harry

“The exercises have increased my flexibility and strength – especially in my core. Going into the class I had pulled my left hamstring but was encouraged and coaxed along. Chris Cooper and assistant Lindsey have patiently demonstrated and varied the class. Their helpful attitudes have made the class fun.”

– Mark, PGA Life Member

“Since taking your Golf Fitness Class I notice my balance has improved and, consequently, my swing has remained more consistent throughout 18 holes. Happily, my scores have improved without noticeable effort on my part. My focus is also improved on every shot. Thanks Chris!!”

– Mitch, 9 handicap

“After six weeks in Chris’s class, I have added 40 yards to my drives and am at least one club longer, and I feel like I could play another 18 holes without breaking a sweat. Expect to feel ALL the muscles you use on a golf course and to learn how they affect your swing. Expect to work really hard, but have a good time doing it. Then expect to be in a lot better golf shape the next time you play, especially the last four holes.”

– Nick, 15 handcicap

“The varied and disciplined exercise and stretching program has provided me with additional energy and considerably more strength and flexibility. I can honestly endorse this program.”

– Stein, 4 handicap

“This course has dramatically improved my balance and flexibility, but most importantly, I now have more power and stamina in the muscles that are directly utilized in the golf swing.”

– Tom, 12 handicap

“I recently concluded a four session Separation Training program conducted over three months with Chris Cooper of Therapeutic Associates, Bend OR., and Mike Lewis, golf professional at the Tetherow Resort, Bend, Oregon. The program consisted of an initial and a final evaluation of ones’ flexibility, combined with swing analyses with a seven iron and driver. The remaining two sessions were actual coaching on a series of stretches and golf related exercises designed to create separation and torque between the legs and the torso.

I am now 66 years young and I found the program to be highly beneficial, both in content and in execution. If not for a cracked rib early on the process, I would have found the stretched extremely worthwhile. I will continue them now that the rib has healed. They make for a great warm up prior to playing.

Both Chris and Mike are extremely conscientious and able and presented a well thought out program. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially those of us getting on in years as a means to improve flexibility.”

– Charlie

“Now that I have a few golf games under my belt since the post-assessment, I can comment on the changes I see having done the work on the X-Factor exercises. I still am much more flexible side to side in the floor stretches. That increase in flexibility has shown up in the backswing extension I have and the follow through. On my latest rounds, I have noticed adding at least about 20 yards more to my distance, especially with my three-wood, which has never been my friend. I am having to adjust my club choice as I’m getting more out of my clubs. Included with that increase, my shots far more frequently are finding fairways and flags.

I look forward to more improvement as I implement more hip-action also.

My smiles have increased in frequency too after hitting.”

– Barbara