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Movement is medicine, and our ability to accurately measure it is imperative if our intention is to fully optimize it.  Gone are the days that we need to rely on “eyeballing” movement or using 2 dimensional low-fidelity motion capture from a tablet to make rough assumptions about 3-dimensional movement mechanics.  The Therapeutic Associates Motion Lab, built on the revolutionary DIERS 4D motion capture capabilities, brings motion analysis that has previously been reserved to research institutions and high performance sports organizations, to our entire Pacific Northwest community and our medical colleagues.

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3-Dimensional Spinal Modeling

With the revolutionary new technology called rasterstereography we are able to accurately (without radiation) measure the 3 dimensional static position of your spine, as well as what happens within a few degrees of accuracy at each vertebral level while walking or running.  This technology is revolutionizing spinal imaging internationally for patients that need repeat measurements of spinal posture and mechanics, without the harmful exposure to radiation.

3-Dimensional, Full Body Motion Capture

Utilizing 4 high speed cameras and strategically placed body markers, we are able to accurately measure your body as it moves.  Whether you are returning from an injury, adapting in to a new prosthetic, recovering from joint surgery or replacement or have low back pain or other body pain, accurately measuring movement throughout your entire body can help you and your medical team more accurately identify the areas that need to be prioritized in your treatment strategy.

Foot Pressure Mapping

Our high-speed treadmill, built on a platform of pressure sensors, allows us to both measure your static plantar foot pressure as well as your foot pressure and motion mapping while walking or running.  If you’re suffering from foot pain, are considering orthotics or trying to identify the right shoes, this information can be very valuable.  Also, identifying how you are loading your feet provides great insight in to how force is being attenuated throughout the rest of your body, providing valuable information that might be influencing pain anywhere from your feet all the way up to your spine.


Electromyography (EMG) is a technology that allows for the assessment of muscle and nerve function during static (standing) and dynamic (walking and running) activities.  Knowing what muscles are firing, how much they are firing and at what point they are firing (in relationship to the rest of the muscles in the body) provides invaluable insights in to how your body is creating strength and sequencing motion; or rather how it might be weak in areas that it needs to be strong or muscle that are inactive or overly active in comparison to what we know is normal.  These insights might help fine tune the treatment strategy that you and your medical team are working on.