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Musicians commonly experience musculoskeletal pain affecting their ability to play their instruments. Additionally, during their lifetime, 93 percent of musicians suffer a musculoskeletal injury that impacts their ability to play.1, 2 These injuries can be sustained while practicing,
playing or performing, but may also occur outside of their musical endeavors.

Physical therapy targeted to the unique physical demands of musicianship can greatly reduce playing- and performance-related pain
while also improving function. Musicians’ rehabilitation greatly complements private instruction by expertly identifying postural imbalances, strength and flexibility deficits, as well as motor control or coordination challenges. Specialized PT care can help address musicians’
common musculoskeletal pain which often occurs in the neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, finger, low back and jaw, and is the ideal option for
treating tendinopathies and nerve entrapment.


  • Advanced manual therapy and spinal rehabilitation
  • Astym®
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Instrument fitting and ergonomic assessment
  • Practice environment ergonomic education
  • Practice routine recommendations/alterations
  • Individualized finger dexterity and instrument-specific
    technique exercises
  • Instrument accessory recommendations
  • TMJ and headache treatment
Music Rehab
Music Rehab


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Our Specialist

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Certified Manual Physical Therapist

 Musician Rehabilitation Specialist

Hope is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with advanced training in orthopedics and manual therapy as well as a classically trained musician with more than 25 years of playing experience. Her primary instruments include violin, piano, and guitar. She utilizes her training and experience as a musician to develop specialized rehabilitation programs for injured musicians.

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