Parkinson's Disease - LSVT BIG Treatment

Changing Rehabilitation. Changing Lives.

  • Research-based exercise approach with proven result of motor function for people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Research supports not waiting until you experience disability, impaired function, or loss of balance to start.

Program Includes

The LSVT BIG protocol consists of as many as 4 physical therapy sessions per week, with daily homework exercises included, and carry-over tasks to relate the exercises to function. This protocol is customized for each patient in order to help you get better faster.

  • Exercise training with a single goal of larger amplitude (bigger movements).
  • Drives intensive and high effort practice.
  • Teaches the amount of effort required to produce normal movement.
  • Translates bigger movements into real-world, everyday activities.


  • LSVT BIG techniques train individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions to use bigger movements anywhere, anytime in daily living. This empowers individuals with the potential they have to keep moving and stay active.
  • It is essential that LSVT BIG treatments are delivered by therapists who are certified in this method.