Parkinson's Management Program

Because Parkinson’s Disease affects each person differently, your physical therapist will partner with you to manage your specific situation — now and as your condition changes. You are not alone!

Your treatment plan will be developed after an extensive evaluation by your physical therapist. The examination will include many questions about how your Parkinson’s Disease affects your life. Tests will be conducted to examine your posture, strength, flexibility, walking, balance, and coordination.

Your physical therapist will help you stay as active and as independent as possible.

What to Expect – Assessment

  • Mini – BESTest (Balance Evaluation Systems Test) standardized assessment tool will help to identify and evaluate 6 underlying systems that may constrain balance:
    • Biomechanical Constraints
    • Stability Limits
    • Automatic Postural Responses
    • Anticipatory Postural Adjustments
    • Sensory Orientation
    • Dynamic Balance during Gait
  • Standard physical exam including: gait velocity, posture, muscle tone, coordination, and flexibility
  • Functional mobility testing for transfers, bed mobility, and gait

What to Expect – Treatment and Follow Up

  • Individualized treatment based on exam findings, stage of disease, and personalized goals
  • Program to include aspects of Prevention, Compensation, and Remediation
  • Written patient education on Parkinson’s Disease and personalized written home exercise plan (HEP)
  • One month of treatment at 1-2x/week
  • Six-month follow-up which includes re-assessing BEStest & updates to HEP
  • Annual check-ups thereafter, which include re-assessing BEStest & updates to HEP