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Physical complications after COVID-19 can persist for months or even years, and include impairments in muscle strength, heart and lung capacity, pain, balance, and endurance – leading to a loss of function and independence. Recovery in many forms takes time and can put life on pause.

At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, we offer methods of treatment for patients recovering from COVID-19, also known as Post-COVID Syndrome. Our team of trained providers will support you with the highest standard of care to help you recover and reach your health goals.

What is Post-COVID Syndrome?

It’s becoming more apparent that a subset of people who’ve recovered from COVID-19 can experience symptoms that linger well beyond testing negative for the virus. This condition is generally referred to as Post-COVID Syndrome (PASC) or Long COVID. Many long-haulers will experience one or many of the following symptoms:

Cases of Post-COVID Syndrome have shown that symptoms can last anywhere from a few weeks, to months, to even years for some people. While these lingering symptoms can undoubtedly impact quality of life, physical therapy may help you recover and manage your symptoms safely.

a physical therapist works with a patient on neck symptoms

How can physical therapy help?

Quality of life is important. While many people do not experience severe side effects from COVID-19 and therefore may not need intense rehabilitation, there are plenty who find themselves struggling with recovery and feeling weak and incapable of returning to their normal routine. Physical therapy can help individuals experiencing all levels of symptoms:

Your physical therapist will be able to do a full assessment of your condition, ask you health-related questions regarding your experience with COVID-19, and pinpoint the sources of your pain or dysfunction. From there, they will develop a treatment plan specific to your needs, with the ultimate goal of getting your health back to normal and optimizing your level of function.

Take the next step in your recovery.

If you or someone you know is still suffering from post-COVID symptoms, we’re here to help support you. Currently, the locations listed below offer post-COVID rehabilitation programs. Please contact one of these locations to schedule an appointment.

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