Running and Resilience — Empowering Girls as GOTR Sponsors

girls cross the finish line at a Girls on the Run 5K running event

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At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, we are committed to being an active part of our local communities. Service embodies who we are, what we do and how we act. As rehabilitation, movement and wellness specialists, we appreciate the opportunity to support our neighbors through sponsorship of a wide range of community clubs, organizations, schools and events. We value the chance to be present as local musculoskeletal experts to share our knowledge and encouragement at events and activities designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in individuals of all ages and abilities.

At the heart of our company, we are driven by our core values:

In addition to serving our patients, we are passionate about the health and wellness of those around us. This leads us to sponsor and participate widely in our communities, supporting athletes, weekend warriors, retirees and youth alike.

“Running a business is so much more than profits and losses — it is about serving our community in a way that supports our core values as a business and promoting health and wellness to the communities we serve,” explained Mindy English, physical therapist and practice manager at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Eagle.

As sponsors of Girls on the Run, we are helping transform the lives of millions of girls across all 50 states and Canada. Through our dedicated support of our local GOTR programs in the regions we serve throughout the Pacific Northwest, we’re able to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident in themselves. The impact is beyond measure.

“There is so much value in teaching our youth, especially young girls, the value of health and wellness at an early age,” Mindy said. “There is such a need to create a healthy relationship with exercise and building self-confidence as early as possible, and Girls on the Run does just that.”

a young girl raises her arms in triumph at the end of the Girls on the Run 5K

Girls on the Run is the only program of its kind, creatively integrating running into a curriculum for third- through eighth-grade girls that teaches life skills such as managing emotions, resolving conflict, decision making and helping others. It focuses on the connection between mind and body, empowering girls to build healthy physical and mental habits that last them a lifetime.

The nonprofit began in 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The founder, Molly Barker, explains: 

“Girls on the Run exists so that when girls are beginning to feel the influences of those outer forces that would suggest they’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, that they have the skills to weather that time, and stay true to the essence of who they are.” (Charlotte Observer)

Christine Taylor, physical therapist and clinic director at Therapeutic Associates Richland Physical Therapy, brought GOTR to her regional marketing plan in 2019, and despite the pause during the Covid pandemic, has seen participation in the program grow in the Tri Cities, Washington. 

“Last year was the first full event since Covid, and we had a great time cheering all the girls on and celebrating with them at our photo booth of sorts with all the girlie swag and dress-up with a sprinkling of inspirational quotes,” she said.  

“I really love the idea of reaching young girls to teach them to be active and find exercise and movement to be a fun, social activity that they can take pride in,” Christine shared. “They may not recognize it yet, but these girls will learn to lead, support and encourage their peers and mentor younger kids.”

Though the name implies the focus is on running, Girls on the Run is about so much more. As the nonprofit’s website explains, “At an age when girls are constantly trying to measure up to ideas of who they should be or how they should act, Girls on the Run leads them to understand that their potential isn’t just enormous — it’s beyond measure.”

It’s about healthy habits and setting and accomplishing goals. It’s about resilience.

Staff from the Tri Cities clinics at the GOTR 5K
PT Mindy English and her daughters at the Therapeutic Associates Eagle sponsorship tent for Girls on the Run.
Physical therapist Mindy English and her daughters hosting a booth at GOTR 5K.

A panel of experts and editors at USA TODAY 10Best has nominated Girls on the Run for Best Fun Run in its 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards. At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, we are excited for these 5K runs in our communities and look forward to continuing to be a part of this exceptional organization. We take pride in our role in holding girls up and propelling them forward.

“The 5K days are my favorite part of sponsoring Girls on the Run — to cheer on the participants and see the girls’ excitement for accomplishing their goals and finishing an event is truly priceless,” Mindy said. 

“I also love that my own two young daughters get to come along with me and help support all the participants at the 5Ks in the spring and in the fall. My daughters get mad at me if I go do something for Girls on the Run and don’t invite them, and my oldest has already asked if she can participate when she is old enough.”

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