Services for Coaches at Portland PACE

Utilizing the Facility

The facility is comprised of a physical therapy clinic, a state of the art athletic performance gym and a physiology lab. Our goal is to open this up to all coaches to work with their clients by utilizing the tools, resources and support offered within the space. The only limitation is your imagination. We want to help you create and offer the services you would like to offer those you serve. All that you will need to do is meet a predetermined minimum of requirements, pay a small commission for use of the space when you charge for a service and make full use of the facility.

Technical Training

If you want to increase your knowledge or gain competency on any of the equipment that we offer at PACE so you can use it with your clients, then you can attend any of the training workshops we will be offering to coaches soon. Here we will teach you how to utilize the equipment and protocols to be able to best utilize the equipment at PACE. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Continuing Education

We know how easy it is to become an island in the coaching world. Interacting with our peers makes us better and our job more interesting. To be our best we need to keep learning every day, and by meeting regularly to discuss relevant topics is one of the best ways to accomplish this. This is why we will be offering regularly scheduled continuing education discussions free of charge to coaches. We will also be offering periodic paid continuing education seminars and workshops where coaches can earn CEUs for their certifying organizations.

Business & Professional Development

Another struggle many coaches face is how to effectively grow, manage and develop their businesses and themselves as professionals. Would you like to learn how to get more clients, increase your income while preserving your quality of life, get more organized and have more personal time, market cheaply and effectively and develop projects that fire you up and make you money? Would you like to interact more with your peers and get the support you need to succeed? Then we have a feeling that you will enjoy the regularly scheduled FREE discussion groups and paid workshops that we will be offering. One of our aims is to find ways to fill this vacuum that exists within our profession by empowering us as professionals through creative solutions.

Get Started Today

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How can we help you today?

How can we help you today?