7 Moves to Prep for the Ski/Snowboard Season

Chris Glover | Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

It’s that time of year again. The mountains have received their first few dustings of snow. The thermometers are dropping. The chatter among friends is growing increasingly excited. Ski and snowboard season is just around the corner! 

Now is the time to start putting in some lead work. A pre-season conditioning and training program can maximize the amount of fun you have on the hill this winter. A little planning ahead of time can also help prevent injuries to make sure your season goes as long as the conditions allow.

When thinking about a training program for skiing or snowboarding, strength, power, balance, endurance and cardio are all important. For starters, you’ll want to focus on the muscle groups that are most important to performance: quads, gluts, hamstrings and core. Below is a series of exercises to help get you started along with some progressions for continued challenge. For each of these moves, aim for two to three sets of 10 to 20 repetitions, two to four times per week. You should feel moderate fatigue, and can build up to additional reps, sets and days as you are able to.

If you need a little extra help though, your physical therapist can be a great resource. After performing a comprehensive evaluation, they can help identify the areas that need the most attention and work with you to develop a plan to tackle the slopes this season.

Alternating Lunges

Progression: Alternating Jumping Lunges

Bridge with a Squeeze

Progression: Marching Bridge

Squat with Resistance Band

Progression: Jumping Squat


Progression: Mountain Climber

Side Plank

Progression: Side Plank Clamshell

Floor Clock


Our goal is helping you meet yours.

We look forward to helping you get the most out of your winter sports season. Our therapists are committed to the application of evidence-based treatment techniques to ensure you experience the best in rehabilitation and preventative care and see progress with every visit.

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