Sports Movement Assessments Now Available at Camas Location

Therapeutic Associates

Set yourself or your child up for success…NOT injury!

Before diving into another season of your sport, make sure your body is “READY” for action. Identify problem areas early…and learn easy tricks to eliminate them before it’s too late!

Our Sports Movement Assessment includes:

  • 30 minute 1-on-1 appointment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Comprehensive physical exam that includes strength, flexibility and sport-specific body mechanics testing
  • Assessment of injury risk
  • Injury prevention exercises specific to assessment findings
  • Baseline information can be used to track performance progress throughout the season and recovery progress in the event of an injury

Cost: $50

Our sports screens are by appointment only and offered at our Camas location. Please call our office to inquire and schedule. (360) 335-9033.

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How can we help you today?

How can we help you today?