At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Bridle Trails, our goal is to help players stay on the field and excel by improving performance and reducing the risk of a throwing related injury. This baseball and softball season, we are offering free baseball and softball injury screens. The purpose of these screens is two-fold:

  1. Identify areas of deficiencies or weaknesses so that the player can target certain areas more specifically. To increase your GPA, you don’t try to get better at school. Instead, you focus on the subjects in which your grades are lower than average. Throwing should be the same way. That is why an assessment (that looks at the whole body) is important. Maybe a pitcher’s shoulders are already strong, but his legs are a weak point. He would want to address this with his training to improve his performance and reduce his risk of injury.
  2. Identify players who at a risk for injury. Some players simply are not ready to throw or increase the amount of throwing that they currently are doing.

There are some alarming stats out there:

  • 39% of players pitch with arm fatigue
  • Players who pitch with arm fatigue are at a 36x risk for an injury
  • Over half of youth baseball players will report arm pain each year

The body has signs that commonly show up prior to a serious injury. One of the goals of this screening process is to catch these vulnerable boys or girls prior to a significant problem.

Arm injuries are clearly a significant problem in Little League and high school aged kids. The rates of Tommy John surgery are continuing to go up. Yet, as a baseball community we know more about throwing mechanics and baseball specific-training more than ever. How can this be?

We are more than happy to help bridge this gap to help reduce throwing related injuries. Please give us a call if you are interested in the screening process.

Terms and Conditions:

Our free injury screen is for a complimentary physical therapy screening only. The goal of the screening is to determine whether a person would benefit from a physical therapy evaluation or referral to another health care professional. A screening is not a physical therapy treatment or intervention and does not require or involve performance of an initial evaluation, preparation of a plan of care, or creation of a patient treatment record.

Our free injury screen program has no cash value and is not for use in conjunction with any insurance program, nor is it a substitute for any portion of patient financial responsibility (co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible) under any insurance plan of benefits.