Summer Youth Sports Training Program – Lake Oswego

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Summer Youth Sports Training Program

Begins July 8, 2024 - Register Today!

Our summer youth sports program in Lake Oswego will be centered on strength,  performance and speed training for middle school and high school age athletes in a safe and fun environment with strength and conditioning coaches, exercise specialists, and personal trainers running the classes.

The programming was created by world class Exercise Physiologists, Strength & Conditioning experts, and Physical Therapists with decades of experience coaching kids/athletes.

Classes are SMALL and limited to ensure the absolute highest quality of instruction and safety.  

If your child has a current injury or anything that may effect their ability to exercise please schedule a complimentary athlete screen with one of our physical therapists at Lake Oswego ASAP.

How To Register:

Call our clinic at (503) 635-0844 to reserve your spot.

You will be asked to clarify which age group your athlete is in, and what frequency per week your athlete will be attending sessions. See program details below for more info. Once registered, more information will be sent your way by email.

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Program Details

Program training will include:

  • Having Fun!
  • Foundational Work: learn how to move/use your body from the basics to advanced exercises. 
  • Healthy Mindset: positive & emotionally-safe environment where kids can work hard to improve their self-esteem and mental toughness.
  • Power development so that young athletes learn how to use their bodies with speed and control.
  • Strength and conditioning: learn how to lift appropriately with correct programming for safety and optimal results.

Middle School Age Group 11 - 14
(6 athletes per class cap):

Sessions will be offered Monday thru Thursday during the following times:

  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm
  • 1:00pm – 2:00pm
  • 4:30pm – 5:30pm
$395  |  8-week program, 2 times per week
$200  |  8-week program, 1 time per week

High School Age Group 15 - 18
(3 athletes per class cap):

Sessions will be offered Monday thru Thursday during the following time:

  • 2:00pm – 3:00pm
  • More times will become available depending on interest
$750  |  8-week program, 3 times per week
$500  |  8-week program, 2 time per week

Program Coaches

Hayden Maliska

Consultant Performance Expert. Hayden has an impressive resume and is currently the Sports Scientist for the Portland Timbers. Hayden works with our strength coaches our training programing.

Kyle Newton_2021

Kyle Newton

Certified Personal Trainer

Blake Jackson

Event Details

8 week training program
July 8 thru August 29
See program details

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