2019 is now into full swing and we hope that all of you are having a good start to the year! We made it through the snowy days and weeks of February and with the trees now blooming we are feeling anxious for summer and an end to allergy season! Check out some of our team photos from the snow and things we had fun doing last Spring/Summer!

With summer in mind, we’ve put together of couple things we hope spark your interest and get you off on the right foot as the warmer summer days approach. If something is nagging you now, it’s always better to get it addressed when it’s a minor thing versus waiting it out and hoping it goes away. If it’s been an issue for more than 2 weeks and isn’t showing signs of improvement, it’s in your best interest to get it evaluated. We want you to have an active and pain-free summer doing whatever you love to do.

One of our staff physical therapists, Brianna Durand, has a special interest and passion in weight lifting. When she isn’t working, she can be found training at the gym for her next powerlifting competition. She enjoys working with those who compete and those who just might be getting started. Check out the article she wrote on some of the basic lifts you might be seeing in the gym or have heard a lot about recently on social media or from friends.

We are your musculoskeletal experts and physical therapists for life. We look forward to helping you maximize your FUN this summer, so if you are in need we are here to help!