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Amy graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 86’ and came to Portland to earn her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 91’ at UWS. As a provider she uses tools drawn from decades of gained knowledge through experience of nearly 30 years in practice. She uses a mesh of movement-evaluation measures & hands-on palpation to help dissect flaws & adaptations in her patients ability to control their load, as they move through their world (during sport, sitting, gardening, stumbling on a path, etc).* Rarely is the painful spot, the problem spot. She understands the complexities of injury, both clinically and personally having had significant spinal injuries herself acknowledging the importance of maintaining movement for mental health & to swiftly identify new goals and motivations. Hearing from and treating the whole-person is paramount and one of the reasons she is grateful to her chiropractic education, having had in-depth training on, and the legal freedom to use the broad scope of practice she possesses. As primary care in Oregon, she can request an MRI or the necessary lab work that will help achieve an accurate diagnosis; she can easily tackle nutritional evaluations and prescribe nutritional advice or refer for specialty examinations. Although trained in chiropractic, she is very discerning about the use of force with regard to manipulation which puts fearful patients and providers at ease. Observing other movement specialists has been a regular pastime of Amy’s, collecting many hours learning from others: chiropractors, surgeons, physiatrists, PT’s, yoga & crossfit teachers, and more. Over the years she has accumulated a substantial & multidimensional referral base and believes that co-treating with trusted providers brings a new layer of intelligence to unified care, benefiting the patient and the providers through common learning & mutual respect.

Background: Amy has been faculty at UWS on and off since 1992, initially as Director of Womens Health and more recently with classroom instruction and in Outpatient Clinical settings. She has 9 years of clinical experience working with GYN MDs in routine well-women’s health and has participated in research on women’s health. She has experience as an expert witness in court, has developed with her husband/business partner, a very successful private practice of 26 years and has also acted as the on-site provider for many soccer, track, and triathlon events (including the IRONMAN).

Personal: Amy has spent decades running both recreationally and competitively. She has participated in marathons and triathlons, & surprised to have placed in a few, and throughout her life has participated in other sports; earlier playing volleyball & softball, then ultimate frisbee and most recently triathlons again. Now she is re-learning her physical limits with more gentle approaches to movement. Her most courageous highlight was moving to South America with her family and trusting her practice and home would survive without her. They did! She loves spending time with her husband and three children, traveling, hiking, working out and practicing meditation. She works several days a week at HawthorneChiropractic, alongside an energetic and talented team. She greatly enjoys the camaraderie and strength with movement approach here at PACE and is so grateful and excited to collaborate even further in the future.

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Shacklocks Neurodynamics



University of Western States, Doctorate of Chiropractic

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