Andra Lagergren 2021

Andra Lagergren


Physical Therapist


Andra grew up in Shoreline and attended Shorewood High School where she played competitive volleyball, basketball, and golf. She earned her Bachelor of Science from Western Washington University in 2013, and later completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Washington in 2020. She joined the North Creek PT team amidst the crazy pandemic.

Andra has a passion for helping patients reach their movement and physical activity goals. Her favorite part about being an orthopedic physical therapist is the variety of people and injuries she encounters and treats. She believes that it is important to work as team in order to provide quality care and to facilitate her patients’ return to the things they love to do. Andra has an interest in recreational activities/sports injuries and is working towards becoming certified in bicycle fittings and golf swing analysis.

In her spare time, Andra loves taking advantage of the many outdoor activities that the PNW has to offer such as hiking, cycling, skiing, mountain biking, camping, golf and beach volleyball. She also enjoys going for walks with her dog, quality time with friends and family, and trying new recipes.


University of Washington, Doctor of Physical Therapy


Shoreline, WA

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