Elise Foster

Elise Foster


Physical Therapist


Elise has been working with Therapeutic Associates since 2015, first as a physical therapy aide working towards graduate school, and now as a physical therapist. She volunteered at Oregon City Physical Therapy and was inspired by the collaborative and upbeat environment created by Matt Rogers and his staff. In 2015 she graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Exercise and Sport Science with an emphasis in Pre-Therapy and Allied Health. In 2020 she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, CA. She loves getting to know her patients and the partnership in helping them achieve their goals.

Elise grew up in the country outside of Newberg, OR. She enjoyed high school athletics including rugby, cross country and swimming. At Oregon State she walked on to the women’s crew team and loved the challenge of learning a new sport and growing as an athlete. She still loves trying new sports and is now training in jiu jitsu.

In her free time she also enjoys playing the guitar, visiting friends and family, staying active and getting outside.


University of St. Augustine, Doctor of Physical Therapy


Newberg, OR

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