Eliza Davis


Licenced Massage Therapist


As a seasoned Massage Therapist, Eliza Davis specializes in therapeutic modalities including, Deep Tissue, ART, Trigger Point, Cupping Therapy, Structural Integration & Lymphatic drainage

With a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Eliza has an innate ability to listen, communicate effectively, and develop tailored treatment plans. She can adequately observe, palpate, locate areas of pain & postural imbalances and implement a modality to enhance the opportunity for long-lasting fascial transformations.

While working inside the same Physical Therapy clinic for the last 12 years, she has been able to study under top-notch Physical Therapists, which has helped to increase her knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology & physiology. She has had the opportunity to work with professional athletes throughout her career from a wide range of sports, including NFL, Olympic Track & Field, Women’s Professional Soccer League, World Cup and Olympic Team, and Women’s Olympic Water Polo players. Eliza also works routinely with an NBA referee and professional basketball players.

As an All-American swimmer at UCLA & The University of Hawaii, Eliza draws from her personal athletic experiences with overtraining, competition, and tapering and recovery to choose the best type of modality to use for optimal athletic performance.

In the future, Eliza hopes to complete her Structural Integration certification & continue practicing Pilates & Fascial Stretch Therapy to assist clients in the best treatments possible. She has completed training to be a Pilates instructor but has not yet completed the final exam.

When not working or furthering her education, Eliza, a native of Oregon and resident of Lake Oswego, loves to camp, hike, trail run, SUP, attend athletic events, and spend time with her three boys and husband.

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