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Jeffrey Blanchard


Clinic Director | Physical Therapist


Jeff claims to be an Oregonian at heart through his father’s family, who began farming Yamhill County in the early 1900’s. Jeff moved every couple of years during his childhood and lived in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, California, North Carolina, Illinois, the Azores Islands and Connecticut. After graduation from Trumbull High School in Connecticut, Jeff pursued his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. In 1988 he spent 2 years working with the people of Madrid, Spain, which is where he learned fluency in the Spanish language. Shortly after his return, he met and married his wife, Janalyn. Jeff went on to earn his master’s degree in physical therapy from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  He moved to Salem, Oregon in 1998 and decided to raise his family here as this is “God’s country”.

Jeff took on a directorship role of Therapeutic Associates South Salem in 2000.  He has continued to pursue mastery of “hands on” techniques to add more “tools to his toolbox” in order to be able to help more people.  He pursued further education in differential diagnosis to best determine root causes of pain and dysfunction rather than just treating surface symptoms.  Eventually, Jeff learned the importance of treating the whole person under a “biopsychosocial” model of treatment as we cannot truly separate mind and body.  Most recently, Jeff has become certified as a health & wellness coach which has opened doors of root healing which were not seen previously.  Jeff believes that the best quality of life is found in optimizing “the fundamentals” of movement & exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness practice.

While Jeff is away from his clinic, he enjoys spending time with his family & friends.  Jeff enjoys many forms of exercise including strength training, trail running, mountain biking, backpacking and generally being outside.  He loves consuming podcasts about health and longevity and is a regular practitioner of meditation.

Board Certifications

Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy


Duke University, Master’s of Physical Therapy

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