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Krissy Colebank


Physical Therapist


Krissy began her academic journey at UC Davis, where she earned dual degrees in Human Development and Psychology before pursuing her Doctor of Physical Therapy at George Fox University. Since then, she has focused her career on outpatient orthopedic PT, specializing in treating a diverse range of musculoskeletal conditions.

With a background in Irish Dance and running track, Krissy has a deep-rooted passion for helping athletes and active individuals of all ages and abilities. Her postgraduate education has been dedicated to advancing her expertise in sports-related injuries, rehabilitation strategies for runners, and pain neuroscience.

Krissy’s approach to physical therapy is grounded in providing individualized, person-centered care. She finds great fulfillment in empowering her patients to regain their confidence and self-efficacy to return to participating in the activities they love and improve their overall quality of life. She understands that each person’s rehabilitation journey is unique, yet there’s a universal truth beautifully captured by Snoop Dogg: “You do have to fall in order to get up. It’s not a smooth path, it’s a rocky road, but if you’re meant for it, you’re going to keep climbing ’til you get to the mountain top.” This philosophy resonates deeply with her approach to physical therapy, where perseverance and personalized care pave the way for each patient to achieve their peak potential.

Outside the clinic, Krissy values quality time with her family and friends. She enjoys hitting the trails with her husband and their two pups, Mazie and Deku, and staying active through workouts with friends and playing sports like pickleball.


George Fox University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

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