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Kristin Mackenzie

Administrative Supervisor


Originally from Southern California, Kristin attended college at Chico State University with interests in psychology and biochemistry. Her plan is to complete her bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology with a double minor in neuroscience and business. Kristin’s goal is to eventually open her own practice with the wish to help the community one individual at a time to heal, to get to know themselves, to learn how to cultivate self-compassion, take responsibility for, and take care of, their own emotions.

Kristin began her administrative career in 2003, and currently has 23 years of experience running an office. She enjoys working with her team as a cohesive group who each have their own unique contributions to the whole. Collaboration wherein everyone has something to contribute that is meaningful to the big picture is important. She welcomes different perspectives and ideas for a balanced approach to operating.

Kristin’s primary focus in healthcare is to make sure the individual feels important, unique, and cared for while fostering a sense of trust that we are on top of the financial aspects of their treatment plan and will be their advocate throughout their entire experience. She believes it is her job to bring a sense of compassion, inclusiveness, active listening, and business sense to healthcare administration.

Kristin’s interests outside of work are learning, being in nature, kayaking, camping, hiking, staying fit for mind and body, reading, writing, singing, jewelry-making, practicing the Buddhist philosophy, and spending time with family, friends, and her partner. Kristin also has a passion for all animals.

How can we help you today?

How can we help you today?