Megan Roland


Physical Therapist


Megan has been providing treatment and education to Northside patients for over 20 years. She received her Physical Therapy degree from Eastern Washington University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry from Western Washington University. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, she worked in biopharmaceutical research. She has been an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association since 1992.

Megan enjoys applying her experience, skills, and knowledge to develop individualized therapy programs for each patient’s unique condition. She believes physical therapy is an active partnership between patient and therapist, helping patients reach their highest potential and overcome injury.

Outside of the clinic, Megan enjoys spending time with her husband, being entertained by the family dogs and pursuing her interests in beekeeping, gardening, hiking, running, cross country skiing, canoeing, golfing, reading and puzzles.


Eastern Washington University

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