Rachel Burch


Physical Therapist


Rachel discovered her passion for physical therapy while working as a nanny for a child with severe developmental delays. Over the 5 years working with him she attended all his therapy sessions and worked with him on his home exercise program. She loved being able to use her creativity to encourage his participation, and motivate him to move. Over the years, Rachel saw how therapy helped him to progress from barely being able to sit at the age of 1 to helping him to walk independently at the age of 6. After witnessing how movement can change not only the child, but the entire family, she knew that she wanted to become a physical therapist.

Rachel received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Georgia State University, and went on to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Rachel now enjoys working with patients with her specialty interests including pediatrics, neurological disorders, vestibular, and geriatrics.

Rachel moved to the Eugene area from Atlanta, Ga where she grew up. She loves spending time outdoors hiking, snowboarding, and walking her young pup. She’s a foodie at heart, and loves trying new local restaurants.

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