Shelby Hyde


Practice Manager | Physical Therapist


Shelby graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Northern Arizona University following a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Boise State University. Shelby has received significant training in a variety of manual therapy-based techniques. Shelby provides care within the Fascial Distortion Model after multiple courses and individualized mentorship under nationally recognized leaders in the field. Shelby’s wide variety of treatment also includes certification in Dry Needling as well as Blood Flow Restriction.

Being a marathon runner, Shelby has a personal understanding of the value of physical movement in life. This passion makes his priority to get you back to what you love whether that is running marathons or keeping up with your garden. To accomplish this Shelby aims to create individualized treatment plans that will optimize your return to function through evidence-based treatments.

Shelby grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho and fell in love with Boise after attending school at Boise State. In his spare time, you will often find Shelby running to prepare for another race, playing basketball, watching college football, and enjoying time with his family.


Northern Arizona University, Doctorate of Physical Therapy


Twin Falls, Idaho

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