Tim Dice

Tim Dice


Physical Therapist


Tim is a longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest and received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Washington. He is a passionate triathlete and adventure cyclist who also enjoys hiking and backpacking. Tim has special interests in helping patients with endurance, balance, and coordination training.

Tim has been working with his hands his entire life. He has made sculpture for over thirty years, working with stone, wood, and metal. Tim believes in being guided by the materials he sculpts, patiently exploring each piece to discover its hidden potential. He approaches his patients with the same philosophy, firmly believing that physical therapy works best as a collaboration between patient and therapist where patience and focus are greatly rewarded.

In his spare time, Tim likes to cook and to read. He is currently working to rehabilitate Davka, a disabled German Shepherd he adopted through NM Rescue.


University of Washington, Doctor of Physical Therapy


Moraga, CA

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