Wilfredo Benitez

MScN, M.Ed.



Will is a nutritionist and owner of On Pace Wellness. He graduated from National University of Natural Medicine with a Master’s in Nutrition Science in 2017 and began practicing right after graduating. Will believes that navigating the balance between nutrition and food is key for anyone working on enhancing their health. For nutrition optimization to be sustained, there needs to be a sound coaching process that involves nutrition education, realistic goal-setting, and establishing manageable nutrition and behavior adjustments. Will’s approach to nutrition coaching is one that relies on effective communication, nutrition education, realistic expectations, and sustainable change.

Although he does not do so exclusively, Will often works with athletes and those who enjoy or want to enjoy an active lifestyle, helping them to optimize their nutrition to elevate their performance and their health. Will also specializes in nutrition for injury recovery, helping athletes and non-athletes recover more efficiently from injury, surgical procedures, and symptoms that may be lingering from chronic inflammation.

Also a certified running coach, Will develops individualized training plans to help athletes train for their running goals.

Prior to becoming a nutritionist, Will was a school teacher in his home state of New Jersey. He firmly believes that education is important, which is why nutrition education is a core element of his overall philosophy. Will lives in SW Portland with his wife, Valentina, who will earn her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in June 2019.

Visit www.OnPaceWellness.com for more information.


National University of Natural Medicine, Master’s in Nutrition Science

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