As we’ve been discussing this week, your inner core is incredibly important for stability, and your transverse abdominis is the muscle layer that forms the sides and front of the metaphorical “pop can” of your inner core. The transverse is often called the “corset muscle,” because it is the only abdominal muscle that can truly and naturally pull in an otherwise protruding belly. Not even your rectus abdominis (your six-pack muscles) can do this! This muscle is also useful in the birthing process, and it is essential to strengthen it for literally ANYONE wanting a truly healthy and stable core.


The transverse abdominis can be difficult to isolate and strengthen, but we’re going to teach you a SECRET, simple exercise today.

Think of a favorite song of yours– one you could hum the rhythm or lyrics to in your sleep. Now for the next 4 minutes, or however long the song is, go ahead and somewhat loudly make the “Shhhhh” sound instead of humming. Really exaggerate and emphasize the sound. While you’re doing this, only take a moment to breathe when you’re really running out of breath. Go ahead and do it!

One of the primary layers involved in this simple little exercise is the transverse! For you current or future mothers, this exercise is nature’s little built in way for you to strengthen your transverse. The fussier the baby, the more exercise you will get! Maybe you have already found yourself “Shhhhh”ing your baby while in the rocking chair, while bouncing, or perhaps even while lunging, and whether you know it or not, all of this is leading you back to a strong core!

If you’re anything like us, you already sing in the car or in the shower (…or in public…), so why not just do a simple “Shhhhh” instead through a song or two each day?