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While Therapeutic Associates celebrated our 70-year milestone anniversary last year, this year we are excited to honor and congratulate our clinics that are celebrating their own anniversaries! As we move into spring of 2023, we are excited to honor and congratulate the many Therapeutic Associates clinics throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho that are celebrating milestones!

When she joined Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, Sarah Borquist envisioned becoming a clinic director one day. That opportunity came about three years later when the leadership team asked if she would be interested in opening a new clinic in Wilsonville, OR.

Sarah opened Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Wilsonville 10 years ago in 2013. We are thrilled to honor and congratulate Sarah and her team as they celebrate this milestone anniversary! In her own words, Sarah reflects on the clinic’s rich history and promising future. You can also read about Sarah’s professional journey as a PT in this blog and get to know Sarah in this spotlight.

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Wilsonville - 10 Year Milestone

What is one particularly memorable highlight from Wilsonville’s history?

“There are so many highlights, but I think my favorite highlights are the patient success stories. The ones who finally get to run their marathon, climb Rainier, or take their trip to Alaska. We are reminded of these daily when we see all of the signatures on our Graduation Wall. It helps to remind us of the purpose of everything we do.”

During the past decade as director, Sarah said, her success has been bolstered by the professional and personal connections she’s made within Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy. Having other directors and physical therapists to lean on and bounce ideas off of, whether it’s a business question or a certain patient whose case has her stumped, is ideal. Additionally, the centralized departments that are in place to manage things like billing and marketing allow Sarah to focus more on patient care, the aspect of her career that she loves and is driven by.

What is a goal you have for your clinic?

“My goal is to continue to grow to a 3 PT clinic with continued involvement in the Wilsonville Community. I would love to grow enough to move into a bigger space and put up a bigger Nebraska Cornhusker flag. 😊”

Sarah was thrilled to have her staff there to celebrate with her and husband Kevin Borquist at their wedding.

Physical therapy is one of the fastest-growing careers in the country. One of the benefits of being a physical therapist is that it offers individuals the chance to have a meaningful impact on patients every single day. If you have questions or are interested in learning more about joining the Therapeutic Associates team, visit our careers page to learn more and check out the current openings!

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Start your physical therapy journey today.

As physical therapists, we know the importance of movement for overall health and well-being. From injury recovery to achieving optimal performance, our passion is to help every patient reach their goals and live an active, pain-free life. Get started with PT today!

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