We would like to salute some of our recent interns that have completed their clinical affiliations at our practice. We have greatly enjoyed working with them and appreciate our patient’s willingness to help us train the next generation of musculoskeletal medicine providers. We have been privileged to give back to our community and accomplish one of our missions by providing educational opportunities in advanced manual medicine techniques to DPT interns from EWU, ATC interns from Whitworth, Physician Sports Medicine interns from the WWAMI program, and PTA interns from SFCC Programs this year so far. Hopefully they will continue to apply the lessons they learned here to help others in the Inland Northwest get better faster.

Dan with Bill OlsonDan, Student Intern

“After two years of classroom learning, my textbook knowledge felt solid, but I was extremely intimidated about transitioning to real patients. I knew I wanted to pursue orthopedic physical therapy, but every PT I admired seemed to have lots of skill, experience, and education beyond the standard DPT curriculum. My goal was clear: to become one of these skilled clinicians who could cut through the nonsense and give patients what they need for optimal physical health and wellbeing. But where was the path to that goal?”
“Working with Bill, Chris, and Morgan has helped me integrate my classroom knowledge into the real world and has exposed me to novel treatment methods. They’re examples of clinicians who demonstrate unknowing mastery of the basics and the pursuit of more in the interest of their patients. With Bill’s guidance, I’ve worked with numerous patients whose symptoms were so complex that standard practice offered them no resolution, and yet they resolved after only a few sessions. This internship offered the direction I sought; I have a clear idea of where to start, and a renewed belief that I can profoundly impact the health of my community.”

Becca Bellamy LMT, ATSBecca Bellamy LMT, ATS

“I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for seven years, and decided to go back to school in order to pursue my passion in helping people in the rehab aspect of health care. Currently I am a Junior in the Athletic Training Program at Whitworth University. One of this year’s clinical rotations was in a Physical Therapy clinic. I chose to be placed at Therapeutic Associates – Spokane Physical Therapy with Bill Olson PT CMPT.”

“This placement was an ideal fit for me because of Bill’s extensive knowledge in manual therapy and Fascial Distortion Model Techniques. I have had many preceptors during my time in the program and I feel Bill was one of the most encouraging when it came to increasing my knowledge in these areas. Not only did this fit my current skills, but also opened a door into a new clinical aspect of treatment while experiencing it from the perspective of another health care professional. With the importance of having strong clinical relationships with various health care professionals as an Athletic trainer, this was a wonderful experience to understand the benefits of PT.”

TyTy, Student Intern

“The experience I received working at Therapeutic Associates Inc. under Bill Olson was one of the most formative experiences in my undergrad education. Bill allowed me to expand my mind from injury focused to a holistic approach. He taught me many new ways to tackle manual therapy and how exercise can be used to reinforce that work. My career is dramatically improved from my time with Bill and I will be forever grateful of this opportunity that he and his staff provided me.”