Trunk rotary stabilityThe last of the 4 Functional Movements to assess is called trunk rotary stability. Remember that your trunk and your core muscles serve as the anchor for movement of your arms and legs. As your legs turn and twist to push your ski against the snow for the desired effect, it is your ability to stabilize the trunk and core that allow your legs to do what they need to do. And, if you are having trouble making quick, shorter-arc turns or your legs are burning before the end of your run it may be because your core is too weak to anchor the movements of your legs. This causes your legs to work harder than they’re supposed to and fatigue too soon.

A great way to test your trunk rotary stability is in the All-4’s or hands-and-knees position. Use a blanket or pillows to pad your hands and knees if you want. If it hurts place the palm of your hand down make a fist instead and place your knuckles on the surface. Raise or point your right arm out in front of you and at the same time point your right leg behind you. Point your toes straight, not down to the floor. Try and hold for 10 seconds. While keeping the chest and pelvis level with the floor, bring your right elbow and right knee toward each other in an attempt to touch them together- come as close as you can- then return each to the pointing position. Make sure your chest and pelvis stay level to the floor. We are training your trunk and core to stabilize the trunk from turning or rotating on command. Do a few for practice and then do 3 reps on the right side before trying on the other side.

To score this difficult movement, give yourself a 1 if you can’t raise and hold the same arm and leg at the same time or you lose your balance. A score of 2 is if you can maintain the pointed position for a few seconds but not the full 10 seconds, or you lose your balance attempting to touch your same arm and leg together. Give yourself a high 5 and a pat on the back if you are able to hold this position for the full 10 seconds while keeping your chest and pelvis level with the floor.

Remember your score because shortly we’ll be sending out awesome corrective exercises soon.