Anyone else get the “Fall Blues”? That feeling of sadness or boredom that usually comes with the rainy weather of fall? Now, I love summer – you get to do so much and enjoy the outdoors – it’s everything I love and is easily my favorite season. While I enjoy watching the trees change colors and the cool crisp air move in, it is saddening to know that summer is ending. Even though the season is changing and school is starting, that doesn’t mean all the fun has to end!

This year, I have decided to not let the “Fall Blues” get to me. I have created the Ultimate Fall Bucket List Challenge to complete this fall. These are things someone can do alone or with a group, in any kind of weather, and, for most of them, you don’t have to spend any money. Use your creativity and put your own spin on this list to make it something you enjoy! Just because summer is ending and school is starting, that doesn’t mean that boredom and sadness have to stick around. Join me this fall to crush the “Fall Blues”!

I will be starting this challenge on the first day of school (September 5th) and this list should keep me busy up until the first day of winter. Follow me on Twitter (@OCHSTrainer) to watch me complete my Ultimate Fall Bucket List Challenge! #UltimateFallBucketListChallenge

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List Challenge!

  1. Visit a corn maze
  2. Go apple picking
  3. Visit a pumpkin patch
  4. Go on a hay ride
  5. Make a pumpkin themed craft/decoration
  6. Bake a pie
  7. Crush crisp fallen leaves
  8. Try a new pumpkin recipe
  9. Make a list of things you are thankful for
  10. Go on an early morning foggy walk
  11. Dance in the rain/Go puddle jumping
  12. Do a random act of kindness
  13. Jump in a leaf pile
  14. Have a fall themed photo shoot
  15. Have a Halloween/fall themed movie marathon
  16. Put a puzzle together
  17. Enjoy fresh apple cider
  18. Go tailgating
  19. Carve/decorate a pumpkin
  20. Go to a Halloween party/wear a Halloween Costume
  21. Wear a fall sweater
  22. Make some homemade soup
  23. Have an epic Black Friday
  24. Play a board game/host a game night
  25. Run on a crisp morning/do a 5k fun Run
  26. Spend a day in your favorite PJ’s or sweats
  27. Decorate hallowed cookies
  28. Listen to hallowed music
  29. Visit an October Fest or Farmers market
  30. Go to a haunted house
  31. Decorate the house!
  32. Get a fall themed manicure/pedicure
  33. Read a book on a rainy day
  34. Light fall candles
  35. Wear/make a scarf
  36. Color a fall/Halloween themed picture
  37. Turn your clocks back!
  38. Watch or play football
  39. Make a Thanksgiving dinner dish
  40. Bake something with Pumpkin