February 12, 2020

The staff at Therapeutic Associates St. Helens Physical Therapy is excited to celebrate 25 years in service thanks to the ongoing support of our patients, referring providers and community. Since assuming ownership of St. Helens PT from David and Robyn Bogden in 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to providing personalized care in a fun and positive environment.

Therapeutic Associates St. Helens Physical Therapy_Collage

Did you know… ​

Patrick Corrigan, PT, MSPT
began his career with Therapeutic Associates at the Beaverton clinic in 1992 and worked his way into the director role at St. Helens in 1995, leading the clinic through its ownership transition. 

Jennifer Cross, PT, MPT
was an aide with St. Helens PT and continued her journey with Therapeutic Associates, advancing into a physical therapist role in 1997 after achieving her master’s degree in physical therapy. 

Calli Jackson, PT, DPT
began as an aide at Therapeutic Associates in 2010 and continued her physical therapy education, becoming a staff physical therapist in 2017. 

Vincent Capellino, PT, DPT
joined Therapeutic Associates as an aide at the Bethany clinic, and in 2018 upon finishing school, joined the St. Helens clinic as a physical therapist. 

Nicole Snider, PTA
started her journey with Therapeutic Associates in our Cedar Hills clinic, moving to the St. Helens location in 2015. 

Terri Russell
worked with the Bogdens at St. Helens PT beginning in 1990 and remained with the clinic when Therapeutic Associates took over, supporting the clinic as lead administrative coordinator. 

Crystal Clark
began as an aide in 1999 and then moved into her role as the clinic’s front desk administrative assistant. 

Cristine Lauridsen
joined Therapeutic Associates as an aide in 2017, and now maintains the aide position while also working as a medical receptionist. 

Lauren Chambers
an aide who started at Therapeutic Associates shadowing a physical therapist, plans to attend the University of Florida school for Physical Therapy in the fall. We hope to add her to our team of physical therapists once she’s completed the program.

Rebecca Shenk
earned a degree in Healthcare Administration while shadowing Patrick Corrigan as an intern. She completed school in 2019 and officially joined the clinic team as the medical receptionist. 

Together, our team of experts is proud to have served St. Helens and the surrounding area since 1995 and is looking forward to the next 25 years.