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Access to a Physical Therapist Without a Prescription or Referral

Physical Therapy First - Direct Access (Infographic)

Physical Therapy First (Infographic)

Patients today must take an active role in managing their own health care. To do this, you need to know about your options and your rights as a patient. Under state laws, Direct Access is an exclusive benefit that grants you the right to choose a physical therapist that best fits your needs without the need for a physician’s referral or prescription. As the healthcare expert in musculoskeletal health, physical therapists remain your best choice for prevention, management and rehabilitation of your musculoskeletal system.

Choice of Provider:

If your primary care doctor or specialist recommends physical therapy for a condition you’re experiencing, you have the right to choose which physical therapist and/or physical therapy practice you would like to work with. While your doctor may recommend a specific PT practice, you can decline their suggestion and choose the PT practice that best meets your needs.


Treatment without Referral:

Direct access gives you the freedom to seek physical therapy treatment without a physician’s referral, providing you immediate care from a musculoskeletal expert to address an ache or nagging pain you may be experiencing. This also eliminates the need for appointments with other providers and your physical therapist can refer you to a specialist should they determine additional tests are needed to properly diagnose and treat your condition.

Physical therapy is a covered benefit under insurance plans. Insurance coverage for your physical therapy benefits are plan-specific. Most insurance companies do not require a referral from your physician, but some do. As a courtesy to you, we are happy to verify your insurance benefit coverage, including the need for a referral or prescription.


We are committed to working with you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!

Are You Currently Experiencing Pain or Discomfort?

Head Straight for Physical Therapy!

Simply stated, the sooner an injury is treated, the quicker and often the better the recovery. Waiting for an appointment with a physician can impede the healing process because effective treatment is delayed. Injured muscles and joints get stiff and weak, and scar tissue can develop. More importantly, you are not able to do the activities you want to do.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy is trained to ask the right questions, explore all possible causes, offer a clinical diagnosis and let you know if a customized physical therapy treatment plan is right for you, or if you should seek additional insight from a specialist. In addition, pursuing physical therapy care for an injury through direct access can:

  • Decrease the overall cost of care and save you money
  • Offer immediate reduction in pain and improvement in movement
  • Provide you with education and long-term self-management techniques
  • Reduce the need for additional healthcare services and/or medications

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy offers direct access to physical therapy at any of our locations. We are here to help keep you active and moving.

To read some of the common questions we hear about direct access:

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