Why Therapeutic Associates is the Ultimate Destination for Physical Therapists and PT Professionals

physical therapist Rob Barnes supports a young patient with fun and active rehabilitative exercise at Boise State Street PT

Therapeutic Associates

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At Therapeutic Associates, we believe in more than just providing exceptional patient care; we’re committed to fostering an environment where our employees thrive personally and professionally.

Joining Therapeutic Associates is about becoming part of a supportive community where we understand that your career is more than just a job; it’s a journey of growth, learning, and fulfillment. Here, your success is paramount.

Join us as we explore the firsthand experiences of some of our team members across various clinics, each sharing simple reflections on their unique professional journey.

Discover how our commitment to mentorship, continued education, and tailored career paths has empowered our team members to evolve from novices to experts, from observers to orthopedic specialists, and from staff PTs to clinic directors.

Why We Love TAI

Sarah Borquist  Clinic Director | Physical Therapist


“I started with Therapeutic Associates at 23 as a student during one of my last clinical rotations. I got hired on with the company when I was 24, and I was able to start my own clinic when I was 27. There is no way I would have been able to be a clinic director and do what I do now on my own. 

I was able to utilize the resources the company gave me to learn about the business side of things. I got mentorship from some of the best PTs in the Northwest to make sure I had the skills and confidence to be treating in a clinic by myself and growing a business at the same time.

Another thing I like about Therapeutic Associates is the family aspect of it. I know all the other directors; I know the shareholders. I get to go do things with other clinic teams. You’re never siloed in your own clinic. You get to be part of a big company with clinics that are really involved with each other. It’s not a huge corporate scene, it’s more personal than that.”

PT Sarah Borquist and her dog Maynard

Shelby Hyde Practice Manager | Physical Therapist

SE Boise

“I got my start with Therapeutic Associates as a physical therapy intern here at the SE Boise clinic during my last little bit of school. I got to work in this clinic for about 12 weeks, and I fell in love with the personalized care that we’re able to offer. I found out that the whole company values personalized care, taking care of the individual, hands-on work, and loved that I could really help my patients and have my time with them.

When patients share their interests and hobbies with their physical therapist, exercises can be designed to be fun and get them back to their passions

And so that got me started in my career here, and then once I got started, I just found the community was incredible. Even though I’m out here in Boise and most of the company’s clinics are all in Oregon and Washington, I’ve never felt isolated. I get to be a part of an awesome group of people. I know a lot of PTs in Oregon and Washington that I can shoot a message to and ask them any question I have, or I can ask for advice about a patient or learn more about specialties that some of my colleagues have. 

And then from there, being able to move into a role where I help manage a clinic, that’s been an incredible thing because, like I said, I love the connection with people.

 And so not just being able to connect with patients, but also being able to connect with my coworkers has offered me a lot of opportunity. I don’t have to be stressed about trying to manage my own clinic because I have this awesome company to back me up that takes care of all the big scary things in the background. So that way I can manage and direct a clinic while also being able to focus on patient care.

Physical therapists work together to guide a patient during an exercise

I always told myself I never want to be in any sort of management role, I just wanted to treat patients. But now that I’ve stepped into this role, I’ve seen that I don’t lose my patient care at all here. And so being able to be a leader while not losing anything I have for my patients is pretty incredible.”

Bailey Ouellette Clinic Director | Physical Therapist

South Hillsboro

Bailey Ouellette | Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

“What I really appreciate about TAI is that they respect your individual game plan and decision for yourself and your career, whether that’s in education or in leadership or in being an excellent provider with specialties

I think the ability to create an individualized provider’s pathway in their career is really important and working with them on that one-on-one basis is a really great thing that Therapeutic Associates can provide. I think that the mentorship and education is outstanding that the company provides and we really want to create excellent care. So, we want to make sure that our providers are some of the best in the area.”

Justin Seamons Exercise Specialist

Northwest BoiseBoise (State Street)

“I started out working for Therapeutic Associates not having any knowledge or background in physical therapy at all. They taught me everything that I know, and while I learned a lot from my coworkers, I’ve also been supplied with a bunch of continuing education courses. There are all these ways to keep learning and growing as well as being a part of a great team.

I think for the most part, what has helped me get to where I am with the company is the mentorship — being a part of a bigger team and having a multitude of resources and people to go to with any questions.”

physical therapy in NW Boise - PTs work with a knee patient to get her back to sport before soccer season
The PT team at Therapeutic Associates NW Boise work together to help a patient advance his exercises in the clinic during a physical therapy appointment

Katie Duke Practice Manager | Physical Therapist

Northwest Boise

“I have a cool story because I started out with Therapeutic Associates at one of our clinics as just an observer. My mom was a patient, and she just was like, ‘Hey, my daughter’s kind of interested in physical therapy. Can she come just check it out?’ So, I started out just observing a couple times a week and then they hired me on as an exercise specialist part time. Then I decided I was going to apply to PT School. Therapeutic Associates has a cool program where they do some tuition reimbursement. I interviewed for that program with the company, and they decided, ‘Yeah, if you want to come back, we’ll pay part of your tuition.’ So, I got to go to PT school knowing that I was going to come back and work for a boss I loved and a company that I knew valued your growth as a PT. I had seen that through other PTs and how they evolved in the company.

I got to come back to Boise after PT school, and then I applied for the orthopedic residency program.

It’s funny because a lot of my friends in PT school were kind of like, ‘Oh, you already know you’re going to go back to this company? Are you sure? You already, like, committed yourself to this job?’ But I was really confident because I had already spent so much time with my boss, and I knew the company and his values of work-life balance and education and of giving clinicians autonomy to maybe study what they want to study or specialize in what they want to specialize in. And that’s what drew me in from the beginning. I knew I wanted to do sports therapy and orthopedics, and I knew that I’d have the opportunity to do that here.

PT Katie Duke checks a patient's knee range of motion

So, I did the orthopedic residency, which took me about 2 1/2 years to complete, and then I did a lot of other continuing education. I think one cool thing about Therapeutic Associates is they have you start from the very beginning with set expectations. Every PT gets a base of continuing education – they’re not just thrown into working 40 hours a week. And they have good standards, like with PTs taking NAIOMT classes, which is the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, classes. They make sure you are getting good mentorship.


From there, you have a nice knowledge base to decide, well, maybe I do want to learn dry needling or maybe I want to get certified in pelvic floor health. So, there’s just a lot of opportunity to grow and that’s what I’ve appreciated.

Now that I’ve been here for 10 years, and you know, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to have my own clinic at some point or be in a manager role. And I’m here now and I get to have this experience as well.”

Anne Jeffery Clinic Director | Physical Therapist


“Working for Therapeutic Associates, I’ve always felt so supported and there are just so many different routes I could have gone with my career here.

I didn’t know that I wanted to be a clinic director when I started as a PTA years ago. Then, as a staff physical therapist, I really had a lot of great mentors who invested time in helping me to recognize my path and see where I could grow as a leader and as a physical therapist clinically. 

Therapeutic Associates Newberg Physical Therapy

I have always felt very supported, and I’ve never been stuck in a certain role but had a lot of opportunities to serve different roles and develop my career within our company.”

Brian Weiderman Clinic Director | Physical Therapist


One of the reasons why I have loved working for Therapeutic Associates is that it offers a lot of learning opportunities. I love that the company has such a focus on education. I think it’s awesome that we have mentors whose dedicated role within the company is to travel and provide one-on-one mentorship.

I went through the residency program and found it immensely useful for my personal growth. Now, running a clinic and working with staff PTs, I’ve seen how much it’s benefited them as well. It’s really awesome to have these experts come into the clinic and work one-on-one directly with real live patients and get great advice about what to do. It’s a little bit harrowing in the beginning, you worry about it, and then by the time you’re used to it, you stack your schedule with all the difficult people the day you know they’re coming.

From a leadership perspective, Therapeutic Associates has offered a lot for me. I came from a background of outdoor leadership and so I kind of thought I knew what I was doing. And business leadership is very, very different. There are of course similarities, but it’s pretty different. And so, I’ve had the opportunity to attend a lot of different leadership classes to help me become a better leader within the company.

Therapeutic Associates PT Cohort

What’s cool is this company is also in the process of developing different types of leadership. If you don’t want to become a clinic director, then maybe you’re interested in becoming a mentor for fellow physical therapists or in other roles that might not look like traditional leadership that you could work your way into within the company. There’s really a lot of opportunity here, more than just being a staff PT. The other cool thing though is if you just want to be a staff PT your whole life, that’s considered great too.

Therapeutic Associates does allow for the broad spectrum of PT experience.”

Chart Your Course with Therapeutic Associates: Your Future Awaits

At Therapeutic Associates, we believe that your potential deserves to be recognized and nurtured. That’s why we’re committed to providing a supportive environment through mentorship, continued education, diverse opportunities for growth, and personalized career paths tailored to your aspirations.

Discover why Therapeutic Associates is the perfect place to unlock your potential and take your career to new heights. Your journey begins here.

Ready to get started?

We hope that learning about Therapeutic Associates has piqued your interest in starting or furthering your career with us. We look forward to offering you the opportunity to build a career that inspires you!

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