Wrapping Up Youth Spring Sports with Physical Therapy

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Whether your kiddo has been swinging a baseball bat, dribbling a soccer ball, or leaping over hurdles, they have likely been pouring their heart into their chosen sport for the past few months. As the season comes to a close, it is a great time to celebrate – reflecting on all the skill building, teamwork and dedication the young athletes achieved. While it is easy to get carried away in the excitement of the last few games, matches and meets, it is extremely important to also check in with our kids about their physical state to address any pain or injuries that may have come up during the season.

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With summer break around the corner, it is often tempting to let any lingering discomfort, pain or injury settle with the hope that rest is all that is needed. However, delaying treatment can prolong recovery time, increase the risk of reinjury and even potentially lead to more severe injuries later, and puts our kids’ long-term health and well-being at risk.

This is where we come in! Our physical therapists are experts at assessing and treating a wide range of sports injuries. Working with a PT at the end of the season can make a significant difference in your young athlete’s recovery process, ensuring a smooth transition into the off-season and reducing chances of being sidelined when fall sports begin.

Let’s dive into common injuries and what can be done over the summer to ensure a safe return to sport!

Common Youth Sports Injuries

So, what happens when your MVP ends the season with an injury? By seeking prompt treatment from a physical therapist, you can help them recovery quicky and safely, so they are ready to return to sports confident and stronger than ever, ready to tackle the challenges of the next season.

Physical Therapy for Youth Sports Injuries

Here’s what you can expect during sports therapy PT:

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No Referral Needed!

Did you know you don’t need a referral to see a physical therapist? If your child is experiencing pain or discomfort, don’t wait until it gets worse. By choosing PT first, you streamline intervention and get your child the care they need without unnecessary delays.

While most insurance companies cover physical therapy services without a referral (direct access), there are some plans that may require a physician referral. We encourage you to review your insurance requirements, and if you need assistance verifying these benefits, we are more than happy to help!

Remember, your child’s health and safety are our top priorities. Give us a call today to schedule an evaluation and we will help you all get back to the excitement and the unforgettable memories that sports can provide for you and your family.

Experts in Sports Injury Recovery

We are committed to providing effective, efficient, and compassionate care to help your young athlete return to pain-free sport. Our passion is to help every patient reach their goals on their journey to recovery and optimal performance.

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