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A place for clinicians with a growth mindset who want to push themselves to achieve excellence.

Therapeutic Associates is a private company with clinics that feel local, unique and personal – we are not a cookie-cutter organization.

We are grounded in creating ideal conditions for our clinicians to perform at their best and feel fulfilled in their work. Our physical therapists are committed to providing each patient with the best possible care and outcome while also passionately serving their communities and investing in their own clinical growth.

We encourage our team members to pursue their ambitions with thoughtful career development opportunities. These opportunities and experiences enable our clinicians to expand their scope, broaden their skills, and enrich their personal and professional lives.

Physical therapist Rob Barnes assesses a patient's knee during intake at a PT appointment.

I was able to utilize opportunities and resources the company provided to me to go to NAIOMT classes, to get mentorship from some of the best PTs in the northwest, to make sure I became confident in my capabilities as a physical therapist. I also love the family aspect of the company - you're never really siloed in your own clinic.

Sarah Borquist PT, DPT

Clinic Director | Physical Therapist

Sarah Macomber_2022

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What makes Therapeutic Associates unique as a clinician?

We are an organization committed to developing some of the best clinicians in the industry. Our commitment to clinical excellence starts with our focus on continuing education, mentorship, structured clinical career tracks and professional development.

There are many other unique opportunities offers to our clinicians:

For All Clinicians

Orthopedic standard – We want all of our therapists to complete the NAIOMT COMT 1-5 (certified orthopedic manual therapist) course series in the first two years of employment.  These classes are offered quarterly during the first two years of employment at TAI as part of our Cohort experience.

Mentorship training – Our program offers a 1:1 mentorship with a fellowship trained certified mentor, scheduled study groups, and monthly office hours. All therapists receive a minimum of 48 hours of mentorship in their first two years of employment.

PT Cohort experience – The PT Cohort is a year-long program that includes four sessions (one per quarter). Each session includes a day of learning and professional development along with social events in the evening after each session. 

Annual continuing education stipend – offered to clinicians to pursue areas of clinical interest and acquire annual CEUs.

For New Grads and Developing Clinicians

Orthopedic Residency Program – The most comprehensive and intensive clinical education program that Therapeutic Associates (TAI) offers. Our mission is to deliver a high quality and sustainable Orthopedic Residency Program that facilitates the development of advanced learner providers with superior orthopedic clinical management skills.

On-going education sessions – we offer numerous online office hours, journal clubs, lectures and workshops to maintain regular touchpoints with other clinicians in the organization.

Clinical list-serv – digital forum to communicate and collaborate on clinical cases and research.

For Experienced and Seasoned Clinicians

Specialty training – We offer a range of sub-specialties like pelvic health, TMD, vestibular and hand therapy to allow our clinicians to take a deeper dive into a specific area of clinical interest.

Master clinician – Achievement of a high level of clinical mastery whom embodies the culture of learning. Completion of Board certification and Fellowship level education track.

Certified Mentorship – Becoming a physical therapist in the company that is recognized as leaders in clinical practice that support the growth of other clinicians in the organization.

Driven to make work happier and more joyful.

We are leaders who put the person at the center of everything we do.

Advocating for a better tomorrow.

We advocate and lead the way to create positive change in the physical therapy industry.

We'll take good care of you.

Creating a remarkable employee experience goes beyond benefits and perks. But let's be honest - they matter. Here's how we're supporting our employees to help them grow and thrive!


We've got you covered from head to toe. Pick from a variety of medical plans that include dental and vision benefits, along with disability and life insurance.

Financial Wellbeing

On top of competitive salaries and incentive programs, we offer 401(k), a profit-sharing plan, tuition advancement and student loan reimbursement programs.

Wellness Perks

Beyond an interactive wellness program, we encourage team outings and participation in sponsored events, as well as a competitive annual CEO step challenge.

Work-Life Balance

We know there's more to life than work. Employees enjoy time off for personal use, vacation or for the care of themselves or loved ones.


We empower our employees to create a career that fits their goals and lifestyle. To support that mission, we offer growth opportunities through mentorship, our PT Cohort track, and con-ed programming.

Dedicated to your growth as a clinician.

We're excited that you're interested in starting or furthering your career with Therapeutic Associates. We look forward to offering you the opportunity to build a career that inspires you!

How can we help you today?

How can we help you today?

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