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Providing outstanding educational experiences to facilitate clinical growth and development.

A physical therapy internship is a structured and supervised clinical experience that allows students enrolled in a doctorate physical therapy program to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve learned in their academic coursework in a real-world clinical setting. 

At Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, you will experience a patient-centered environment in a close-knit clinic that strives to maximize patient outcomes, provide exceptional customer service, and advanced clinical education to students. 

physical therapist Emily Quinn works on functional exercise with a patient, keeping PT fun and applicable

Key features and benefits of being an intern at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy:

Looking for an internship?

Join us for your internship or clinicals to help create a positive and enlightening path towards your next career goals. Our focus on delivering the highest quality clinical education experiences ensure a positive learning experience for students.

DPT students who are interested in a clinical experience with Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy should contact their academic Directors of Clinical Education to assist with placement.

a physical therapist works with a patient doing lunges

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How can we help you today?

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