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Healthcare is in need of transformation

The US Healthcare system is more costly and produces outcomes (when measured) that are ranked less than most other fully developed economies in the world. Part of the reason for this less-than-stellar performance is the high degree of fragmentation in the delivery systems within each community. With an estimated additional 32 million Americans gaining access to coverage in 2014, the demand for services continues to increase and burden the existing system. Yet we are “path dependent.” There are, and will remain to be, a multitude of different owned and operated provider elements. No consolidation through merger and acquisition activities can weld the disparate system parts together in a time frame that will produce a delivery system the market needs now – a truly Integrated Delivery System (IDS).

The need for alignment

Our complex and fragmented healthcare system has created a need for existing components to form alignments that can bring forth coordination of care that will reduce costs, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience – the triple aim. Only community-based systems can bring forth the medical home models of care and the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) structures that are being called for to transform healthcare. While these medical homes and ACOs will revolve around hospitals and physician groups, they will also need outreach into the communities that will allow existing independent providers to help shoulder the expected demand.

Rehabilitation Management Services (RMS)

Therapeutic Associates’ specialization in the discipline of physical medicine makes us uniquely qualified to integrate with physicians and hospitals to help create a delivery system of musculoskeletal care that can optimize the balance among quality of care, access to services, and cost containment systems – the traditional vertices of the managed care paradigm. We have the experienced and highly-credentialed providers, and the necessary training systems and tools to ensure documented, high quality of care. We have access points throughout the market to conveniently provide care in a timely manner. We also have the management expertise and administrative ability to participate in unique alternative payment programs, pay for performance models, and even risk-taking structures if necessary.

Our RMS contract service model is a simple employee lease arrangement. Your hospital or physician clinic will retain all ownership of physical plant, equipment, supplies, front office, and back office functions of the relationship. The majority of all costs of clinical delivery are paid through a simple fee arrangement with TAI for the labor necessary to meet the demand for services. If necessary, cost containment can be further incentivized through risk sharing that features parameters that equitably parse operational experience from actuarial experience.

Our clients include:

RMS contracted relationship features

A PT uses a prop of a spine to explain an injury to a patient
Specially trained and selected management personnel can be provided to oversee your therapy services, or we can explore innovative ways of working with your existing Rehab Director. The Rehab Director is our employee, but is seamlessly integrated into the management of your rehab operations. We will not only supply and/or train the right person for the day-to-day managing of patient care, staffing, budget, program development, and planning, but we will continually train and augment the skills of the Rehab Director. This training will allow the Rehab Director to move dynamically within your facility to assure you of up-to-date care and systems development regardless of your strategic plan. Our team of experts can help you resolve the challenges you face in each post-acute program – Skilled Nursing – Rehab PPS – Outpatient PT – with specific recommendations for resolving these concerns in the areas of Operations, Financial, Clinical, and Marketing performance.

In-Patient Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Our Rehab Director and Rehab Management Staff can develop operational and marketing plans for new or existing departments.
  • New – We can provide clinical, operations, and reimbursement expertise to assure the integration and profitability of a new unit introduced as part of the overall hospital continuum of care. Our Rehab Director and Rehab Management Corporate Executives can develop business plans specific to the new department to get your unit off on the right foot.
  • Existing – We can help turn around units that have experienced a sharp decline in census and contribution margins. Our Rehab Director and Rehab Management Corporate Executives can develop strategies to correct and enhance your current department’s ability to meet your objectives.

In-Patient/Out-Patient Therapy Department

We can provide an individual who is experienced in patient care, clinical outcomes, program development, and management of PT and OT services. In addition, we can hire your existing therapists and train them to fit into our model of managing and marketing cost-effective therapy services to the medical community.

Integrated and Collaborative Therapy Management

In addition to supplying a qualified on-site manager, your Therapeutic Associates’ Rehab Director can utilize a wealth of experience and expertise from over 62 years of company history. Our delivery of care and management knowledge spans a variety of rehab industry settings. We have managed inpatient, outpatient, acute rehab, transitional care units, skilled nursing facilities, geriatric psych rehab care, and industrial medicine therapy services. Existing Rehab Directors can also benefit from a relationship with TAI. Becoming a TAI Rehab Director can result in a new and greater career track for a therapy manager. This can include participation in the ownership of the company, as well as new-found professional relationships. Our experience and training curriculum will be shared with your Therapeutic Associates’ Rehab Director to deal with the complex issues facing the rehab department in your care setting. With Therapeutic Associates Rehab Management Services, you are not just getting a Rehab Director, you are getting a management team.
Therapeutic Associates Inc. has been providing physical and rehabilitative therapy services for over 63 years. We encourage you to access our company’s web site to learn more about us. From that web site, you can link to specific information about our various sites and locations. We have over 700 employees providing a varied range of therapy services to patients in diverse clinical settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, industrial medicine, occupational health centers, and skilled nursing facilities. We have the ability to recruit, select, and train your complete professional staff.

Services Offered

Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy for: Acute Care – Intensive Care Unit – Acute Rehab Unit – Skilled Nursing – Outpatient Rehab – Occupational Medicine – Home Health Services – Private Practices. Complete management of all therapy services includes supplying or hiring your existing professional staff and maintaining all employee payroll, benefits, and human resource functions as our responsibility.

Your Facility Will Benefit from the Following

  • Cost-Effective Scheduling – We absorb downtime and scheduling inefficiencies.
  • Productivity – We have developed proprietary treatment methods and rehab-specific management techniques that improve productivity and patient outcomes.
  • Census Development – We work with each facility to develop a comprehensive business development plan for the therapy department to minimize costs and maximize contribution margin.
  • Predictable Costs – Contracts can be constructed to make the cost of the therapy department more predictable for administration, thus enhancing the accuracy of your budgeting process.
  • Staffing Solutions – No more recruitment costs and problems. If desired, we can employ all of the department’s professional and appropriate support staff and absorb all HR support, payroll, and associated administrative costs.
  • Improved Quality – Management expertise in implementing Continuous Quality Improvement program requirements ensures continual improvement of services, physician satisfaction, and ongoing accreditation.
Therapeutic Associates’ team approach includes focusing on the specific needs of each client. Our team of experts provides consulting and therapy management services to healthcare facilities to develop new and improve existing programs. Program Development encompasses identification of needed services and creation of needed Clinical Pathways, CQI, Outcome Measurement, and Customer Satisfaction components. Therapeutic Associates has experience in the development of:
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Biomechanical Intervention
  • Orthotics
  • Hand Therapy
  • Post-op Spinal Rehabilitation
  • Lymphedema
  • Total Joint Replacement Therapy
  • Industrial Rehabilitation
  • Women’s and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
  • Ergonomics
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy
  • Balance and Vestibular Training
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Oncology Rehabilitation
  • Wellness Massage Therapy
  • Pilates and Yoga
  • Pediatrics
  • Injury Prevention

Patient Programs

Therapy services for a variety of inpatient programs can be made available. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services can all be integrated into the facility’s continuum of care. Whatever your therapy program needs may be, Therapeutic Associates Rehab Management Services can plan, develop, and implement a successful set of services to accomplish your facility’s objectives. We are uniquely capable of providing you Program Development based upon 63 years of experience in a variety of institutional settings.

Therapeutic Associates utilizes advanced methods to operate the clinical and business aspects of the rehabilitation departments we manage. These systems help us integrate and coordinate the activities of therapy services to the overall operations within the institutional care setting. Starting with patient scheduling and ending with data analysis, Therapeutic Associates Rehab Management Services gets results by using software, technology, research, data banking, and communication to support our contracted relationships. Our Management Systems remain up-to-date and evolve with our entire practice of care-giving and management of rehabilitation services.

Patient Management

Therapeutic Associates knows one of the keys to patient and physician satisfaction is timely scheduling and accurate patient registration for rehab services. Rehab Management Services can implement the use of specialized scheduling software that can streamline patient intake and help you manage the entire course of care. It also permits us to draw valuable management data for analysis of staffing and operational policies. Timely modification of service delivery and staffing mix can create cost efficiencies in service and care.

Therapy Documentation

Therapeutic Associates Rehab Management Services knows that proper and timely documentation of care is critical to both physician satisfaction and reimbursement. Our company has developed software capable of assisting all therapy staff with the completion of necessary evaluations, progress notes, and discharge summaries. All templates are specific to therapy and aid professional staff in the development of concise but comprehensive Electronic Medical Records. Our programs can help to assure medical, legal, and reimbursement issues are addressed in all documentation of services and can be used for written communication to doctors, health plans, and others reviewing a patient’s rehab care. EMR capability may also support advanced delivery of secure medical records via constantly developing medical communications networks.

Quality Assurance

Programming to assure a high quality of care and customer satisfaction is mandatory in this day of accreditation and competition. To assist us in implementing our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) methods for QA, we have developed a unique database capable of meaningful compilation and analysis of Patient Satisfaction data. Therapeutic Associates Rehab Management Services can collect patient satisfaction data and generate comparative reports that allow management to assess key aspects of the care and experience patients have at your facility. Regular reports from our system can help managers identify and correct service components to keep your facility running at peak performance for all customer types.

Getting Started

To learn more about our Rehab Management Services program and explore solutions for your organization, please contact our executive team:

Scott Wick

[email protected] | 253-872-6028 x.2214

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