Orthopedic Residency Program

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Designed to train physical therapists in advanced orthopedic clinical care.

The most comprehensive and intensive clinical education program that Therapeutic Associates (TAI) offers is our Orthopedic Residency Program. Our mission is to deliver a high quality and sustainable Orthopedic Residency Program that facilitates the development of advanced learner providers with superior orthopedic clinical management skills. In service to society, individual consumers, and self, our Residents will experience professional fulfillment and will further distinguish our profession and our company. Our goal is to create practitioners who become Board Certified in Orthopedics and who obtain specialty certification in Manual Therapy (NAIOMT CMPT) to better serve our patients. Residents broadly gain orthopedic and manual therapy skills and may specifically focus on an area of clinical interest that directs projects and other work.  To date, 91% of our Residency graduates have become Board Certified in Orthopedics. The program is ideal for new grads or therapists earlier in their careers, but it is open to any TAI therapist at any point in their career. The structure of this program is best suited for the self-directed learner – i.e. Residents are provided with significant support but remain individually responsible for scheduling and attending courses and office hourscompleting project work, studying for examinations, tracking patient numbers, etc. Therapeutic Associates, Inc. is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association as a post-professional clinical Residency program for physical therapists in Orthopedics.

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Residents are full time employees that are paid a competitive salary and eligible for full benefits. The total program cost for the resident is approximately $8,000, after clinic and TAI contributions. The resident is then eligible to receive repayment of those costs in the two years that follow the completion of the program (in addition to the current salary).

Start dates and program duration

Applications are due on October 1. The program is two years in length and residents must be employed by Therapeutic Associates.

Application and selection process

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Minimal eligibility requirements for acceptance into the program include:

  • Valid physical therapy license in the state in which the clinic is located
  • Employment with Therapeutic Associates and compliance with all company employment requirements
  • Desirable applicants include those who:
    • Have serious interest or experience in orthopaedic, manual physical therapy and private practice
    • Demonstrate leadership potential
    • Identify as self-directed and self-motivated learners
    • Possess strong fundamentals in the principles of clinical reasoning and the application of manual examination and treatment procedures (Note: completion of NAIOMT’s 500 level coursework is required prior to beginning the Residency Program*)

Eligible candidates will be selected for an interview and an evaluation of basic clinical competencies. Notification of an applicant’s acceptance into the program will be made by the end of each calendar year. Accepted residents officially start the program on January 1.

*We will work individually with resident candidates on this requirement to support successful completion.

Residency and Fellowship Financial Fact Sheet

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To learn more about our Orthopaedic Residency Program, please contact our Residency Coordinator:

Dorothy Klemetson

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