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We value and promote education to further professional development and maintain treatment excellence among physical therapists. Our Continuing Education series offers timely subject matter taught by leading instructors to help our own therapists and those outside our organization to achieve these goals.

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Course Schedule

Upcoming continuing education classes are listed below.

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Current Classes


TAI therapists should use the TAI Learning Center for on-line registration


Portland Metro: [Register]

Date: November 1-2, 2014

Registration Deadline: October 10, 2014


Therapeutic Associates Bethany Physical Therapy
4876 NW Bethany Blvd, Ste L-41
Portland, OR 97229

Course times: 7:30 AM Registration; Class: 8 AM-5 PM Saturday; 8 AM-12 PM Sunday

Instructors: Stephanie Tutalo Smith, MS and Tommy Campbell.

Total Hours: 13


$690 TAI
$730 Non-TAI

This will be a web based learning course with on-site certified lab assistant.

The first ACL Injury Prevention Program that is scientifically proven, was created by a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists and researchers, under the direction of Dr. Frank Noyes. Sportsmetrics™ is the foundation upon which sports-specific skills are built. Sportsmetrics™ is the first ACL injury prevention program scientifically proven to decrease serious knee ligament injuries in female athletes. With Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, injury rates that are 2-10 times higher in female athletes than in male athletes, it is time to TAKE ACTION and get involved with Sportsmetrics™–the training program for injury prevention AND performance enhancement. Sportsmetrics™ is not just another plyometric training program. Jumping drills are used to teach the athlete to preposition the entire body safely when accelerating (jumping) or decelerating (landing). The selection and progression of these exercises are designed for neuromuscular retraining proceeding from simple jumping drills (to instill correct form) to multi-directional, single-foot hops and plyometrics with an emphasis on quick turnover (to add sport-like movements). Performing maneuvers with sound mechanics decreases the likelihood of an injury, and it is also essential to maximizing sport performance. A solid foundation of strength, coordination and overall physical conditioning is required for athletes to attain their highest potential in their sport-specific skills. Train with Sportsmetrics™ to reduce your risk of injury AND enhance competitive athletic performance.


The Thorax and Whole Body Function

A Day with Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee Demonstrating The Thoracic Ring Approach™

TAI therapists should use the TAI Learning Center for on-line registration.

Date: October 26, 2014  [Register]

Course Times: 8:00 AM registration; Class 8:30 AM-5 PM

Instructor: Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee PhD, BSc, BSc(PT), FCAMPT, MCPA


TAI James B McKillip Center
7100 Fort Dent Way Ste 222
Seattle, WA 98188

Cost: $250

CEU: 7 contact hours

Course Description:

This one-day course will demonstrate how dysfunctional thoracic rings can drive conditions as diverse as groin pain/ hip impingement, achilles tendinopathy, neck pain, loss of “core stability”, lumbopelvic pain, incontinence and shoulder problems.

The thorax forms the largest region of the spine and trunk and is essential for respiration while ensuring effective transfer of loads for optimal whole body function and performance. There are multiple mechanisms by which a dysfunctional thorax, whether painful or painfree, can be “the primary driver” for pain and problems anywhere from your head to your toes – in fact, the thoracic rings may be the missing link to your patient’s recovery and limited performance.

Come be inspired by internationally recognized clinician Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee, as she provides a window into her 15-year long journey into the thorax – from clinical observations, personal experiences, and PhD research that has contributed to the development of her innovative Thoracic Ring Approach™.

After this day you will have a new appreciation of the many connections between the thorax and the rest of the body, and the essential role that the thorax plays in optimal function and performance.


APTA Clinical Instructor Credentialing Course

TAI therapists should use the TAI Learning Center for on-line registration.

Portland Metro Registration

Date: November 15-16, 2014

Course Times: 7:30 AM Registration; Class: 8 AM-5 PM

Registration Deadline: October 13, 2014

Instructor: Debbie Van Dover PT, M.Ed. and Jeannie Thompson PTA, AAS


Mt. Hood Community College
26000 SE Stark St.
Room AC2732 in Building 17
Gresham, OR 97030

Cost: $140 APTA members/$230 APTA non-members/$280 Other Providers

CEUs: 1.5 (15 contact hours, 12 to non-PTs who do not complete the assessment centers.)

TAI is pursuing this course for the purpose of assisting clinicians in becoming valuable clinical instructors, knowing that in the end, it makes the student and the clinical instructor better clinicians.

APTA writes:

This voluntary program is designed primarily for persons interested in or involved with clinical education (clinical instructors [CIs], center coordinators of clinical education [CCCEs], and academic coordinators/directors of clinical education [ACCEs/DCEs]), and is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as a Clinical Instructor (CI) Education and Credentialing Program. The program is divided into two distinct parts: 1) CI education via an interactive course format and 2) assessment of curricular outcomes through a six-station Assessment Center. These components are designed to be used together to first provide and then assess, the knowledge and skill identified as essential for CIs of physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students. All APTA CI Education and Credentialing Programs must be provided by APTA-recognized Credentialed Clinical Trainers.


ASTYM™ from Performance Dynamics

TAI therapists should use the TAI Learning Center for on-line registration for tracking TAI guaranteed spaces.

Non-TAI Therapists – please contact Performance Dynamics to register 800.333.0244

Portland Metro:

Course Dates: October 24-26, 2014

Course times:

Friday: 7:30 AM registration; 8 AM to 5 PM
Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM
Sunday: 7 AM to 4 PM



Bethany Village Community Room
15160 NW Laidlaw Rd., Ste. 105
Portland, OR  97229


Therapeutic Associates Bethany Physical Therapy
4876 NW Bethany Blvd, Ste L-1
Portland, OR 97229

Instructors:  Noel Tenoso, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. MPT, COMT; Amy Goddard, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS; Sue Stover, MHS, PT, CSCS

CEU: 24

Cost: $995 UE & LE $895 UE only $360 One Time Tool Lease Fee and Annual Contracted Network Fees Will Apply.

Course Description

The ASTYM System is an advanced form of soft tissue mobilization which enables clinicians to effectively initiate remodeling and regeneration of dysfunctional tissue. The ASTYM System has also been proven to be a highly effective treatment for chronic tendonitis/tendinosis.

Treatment is performed with ergonomically designed instruments to allow rapid identification and effective treatment of areas exhibiting texture changes associated with soft tissue scar/fibrosis or chronic tendinopathy.

Exercise and activity are then integrated to guide the body’s healing in the most advantageous manner possible. Continuation of work, athletic, and recreational activities throughout the treatment process promotes optimal healing. The ASTYM System is used in settings ranging from therapy clinics to hospitals to industrial rehabilitation. This proven treatment helps countless patients every day.


Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA™)

TAI therapists should use the TAI Learning Center for on-line registration.

Course Date: December 12-13, 2014 [Register]

Course Times: 12:30 PM Registration; Friday  1 PM-7 PM ; Saturday 8 AM-5:30 PM

Registration Deadline: November 24, 2014


TAI North Portland Physical Therapy (PACE)
4829 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Ste 101
Portland, OR 97211

Instructors:  Michael Voight PT, DHSc, SCS, OCS, ATC, CSCS, FAPTA and Brandon Gilliam PT, ATC, CGFI-3

CEU: 15 contact hours

Cost: $525 TAI; $550 non-TAI

Course Description:

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certification Course (SFMA ™) is a comprehensive assessment that classifies movement patterns. This system helps the clinician recognize meaningful impairments and integrate the current best evidence (manual therapy and therapeutic exercise) for treating musculoskeletal conditions.

This course is designed for musculoskeletal healthcare professionals who routinely treat patients with orthopedic and sports conditions. This course utilizes lecture and extensive lab to present the model of movement assessment and interventions designed to target dysfunctional movement patterns.



Continuing Education


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