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Building a Healthier Workforce through Physical Health Management

CareConnections - Invest in a Healthier Workforce

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Employers have a vested interest in the general health of their workforce. As an employer, healthcare premiums for both group and workers’ compensation are determined by utilization and risk adjusted. More employers are investing in strategies to improve the health of their employees. Musculoskeletal (MSK) related healthcare costs represent the second largest segment of direct medical costs for employers. Physical therapists are the musculoskeletal movement experts and the best medical provider of choice for the management and treatment of physical health.

Our approach is that of a strategic partner with the intention of creating value for employees and leaders. Employee experience is at the core of our comprehensive injury management strategy designed to mitigate risk, manage recovery, and empower employees to take ownership of their health.

Comprehensive mitigation solution

Through our collaborative approach, our strategy includes a shift toward a proactive management of employee health and well-being. Our approach to MSK management incorporates strategies before, during and after disease or injury. The best injury or illness is the one that never happened, however when musculoskeletal injury or illness does occur, secondary prevention should include immediate triage and treatment.

The previous model of taking a wait and see approach to musculoskeletal issues is outdated and has been proven to increase costs and hinder return to full function. In addition, chronic conditions lead to time-loss, absenteeism, and avoidable disability settlements. Our approach offers value through our collective data analysis process designed to identify, stratify, and develop a risk mitigation strategy specific to your needs.

Musculoskeletal Health Management Strategy

Value driven prevention and risk mitigation

CareConnections offers value through our collective data analysis designed to identify, stratify, and mitigate musculoskeletal risks across your workforce. This strategy supports a comprehensive injury prevention, early intervention and evidence-based treatment program designed to mitigate risks and keep employees at optimal physical health. This is accomplished by working together through data analysis, observation, and open dialogue.

Value driven PT treatment - onsite, near site & virtual

Implementing a PT First model of care for musculoskeletal management delivers employees the care they need by the right provider at the right time. Our musculoskeletal management strategy not only produces a better functional outcome and experience for your employees, but it delivers real measurable cost and time savings.

Program benefits:

Our musculoskeletal management strategy utilizes proven intervention strategies before, during and after injury to improve the physical health of your employees. Realized benefits included:

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