Patient success stories — lives transformed by physical therapy.

We take great pride in helping our patients get back to the things they love. By sharing these success stories, we aim to illustrate how physical therapy empowers patients to find their strength, overcome challenges and achieve their goals. We invite you to read these personal reflections and hope you’ll find the inspiration and motivation to start your success story today.

After years of experiencing incontinence and worrying about leaving home without planning for potential issues, pelvic health physical therapy gave Jenny Holaday back her ability to live a spontaneous, care-free life and a chance to play freely with her kids without the burden of a leaking bladder.
Her dedication to overcoming the challenges aging can often present has empowered Nancy Congleton to not only enjoy but excel at the sports she’s come to love in her life. Thanks to the help of her physical therapy team, her game is as good as ever.
Learning to look beyond her brokenness and suffering led Olivia to a path of hope and healing where the pain that had taken hold of her in mind, body and spirit became the foundation upon which she was able to heal and recreate herself.
It was the way her physical therapist, Sam Cornell, really understood and listened to her that was the difference between a devastating medical situation and one that landed Allison McGuffie on a pathway to healing.
For Linda Andres, playing with her grandkids without a second thought to her knee or the excruciating pain it used to cause her, is exciting and joyful. By dedicating herself to her physical therapy journey, not only did Andres get back to the life she loves, but she also opened a door for herself to countless new opportunities.
Professor Nikki Gorrell adapts to online teaching with the help of physical therapy.
After a life-threatening case of cardiomyopathy, 20-year-old Lee Reynolds found his way back to his active life with the help of physical therapy.
After a knee injury derailed Jeanette Baker's quest to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle, she found her way back through physical therapy.
Exercise, Running
Jeanie McKay made a childhood dream come true with the help of physical therapy, waltzing her way across a ballroom floor.
dance, Knee

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