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All Therapeutic Associates therapists actively pursue ongoing continuing education to remain skilled and knowledgeable in the latest research and treatment techniques. Our Orthopaedic Residents are licensed therapists currently going through TAI’s most comprehensive and intensive advanced education offering, our APTA-accredited Orthopaedic Residency Training Program.  In most cases, Residents will reply to your Ask the Experts questions with guidance from our clinical expert clinician team.

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Back Pain and Cancer Treatment - Can PT Help?

I have back troubles that have never been addressed. I was diagnosed with cancer last year. I had uterine and cervix surgery a year ago. I’m currently having chemo and radiation treatment. I sit in this chair all the time I need help to get strong again. I can't get my doctor to OK rehab until I do two more Chemo's ... What do you think?
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Recurring Ankle Sprain - What To Do?

Four years ago I sprained my ankle in a misstep off a riser. (My ankle turned inward.) Now I have rolled it 3 times in as many years, generally doing something that didn't hurt at the time but later made my ankle feel as though it should pop. That was followed by gradually diminishing pain. What can I do to stop this from occurring? I'm female, 65, 5'1",105 lbs. do a mix of Zumba, step and exercise 4 days a week. I also do quite a bit of hiking.

Home Fitness Equipment for Plantar Fasciitis

Question: Dear TAI Experts: What kind of home fitness equipment can a person with Plantar Fasciitis use? Answer: Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the under surface of the foot resulting from excessive forces and straining of the arch. This generally results from weakness of the muscles of the foot that support the arch and […]
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Can a Worn Meniscus Cause Hip Joint Wear?

Question: Dear TAI Experts: Can a worn meniscus in a knee joint which causes the leg to be out of alignment cause the related hip joint to wear out quicker? Answer: Depending on the direction of angulation resulting from a change in alignment at the knee, there could be several effects on the hip. In […]
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Upper Back Popping

Question: Dear TAI Experts: I have a lot of “popping” going on in my upper back, especially when I sleep, turn over, and when I first get up. What could be causing this? Answer: Without doing a thorough examination of your spine, I am not able to speculate on your specific condition. However, I can […]

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