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While glute strength and the mechanics of how we move can be related to hip pain, it is also important to assess the joints above and below the site of pain. The lumbar spine and pelvis can commonly influence and...
It’s not clear that icing beyond the first week after an ankle injury will help with swelling. We recommend movement and elevating the limb above the heart.
Foot & Ankle
Physical therapists are experts in managing how fast or slow to progress someone based on their individual needs and can help recognize things that may be limiting your return to walking that may not be obvious to you or others.
Rest alone is insufficient for preventing symptoms of tendonitis in the wrist from returning down the road. Full tendon rehabilitation requires a specific and targeted program.
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Physical therapy can help reduce symptoms and improve function during the healing phase after a partial rotator cuff tear. As long as the injury is not a complete tear, the shoulder tendon will repair itself without surgery.
For problems with abnormal spinal curvature, a physical therapist can assess your spinal range of motion, strength, and joint mobility to provide treatments based on your individual situation.
Weakness in your knee that is limiting your ability to run can be due to a range of things including weak hip muscles, low back issues or ankle joint challenges.
From surgical options to physical therapy exercises, we can help you with everything you need to know to make a full recovery. Don’t let an ACL tear keep you down!
From proper form to gradual progression, we’ll share practical tips to help you master hinge movements and unlock the benefits of a stronger, healthier body.

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