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Question: My 15 year old son is a catcher for high school baseball team. He has caught 8/10 games so...
Question: Four years ago I sprained my ankle in a misstep off a riser. (My ankle turned inward.) Now I...
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Question: I am ten days out of surgery for a trimalleolar fracture with displacement, due to severe trauma. One plate,...
Question: I have been having ongoing problems with my right foot for over a year. It started as Plantar Fasciitis,...
Foot & Ankle
Question: I live in a remote area without access to Physical Therapy. Would you be so kind as to help...
Tightness behind the knee can result from muscular tightness or joint tightness. Muscular tightness can be eliminated through stretching exercises targeted to the hamstring and calf muscles.
In general, there are various reasons why elbow motion can remain limited following a fracture. These reasons include but are not limited to altered bony alignment as a result of the break, muscle tightness, scar tissue buildup, and joint stiffness.
A back brace is most effective on individuals with a fixed posture, such as scoliosis. With this condition, the spine is rotated and side bent, causing limitations in movement and pain with activity and sustained postures.
Question: I was recently diagnosed with a bruised or slightly torn patellar tendon after a bike accident. The doctor did...

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