Training Athletic Golfers Wednesdays & Sundays | Dates & Times vary - See details

The Summer has sadly come to an end and the school year is upon us, but don’t let that mean an end to your golf season and continued learning! We’ve been brainstorming this class for a LONG time and we are excited to bring the Central Oregon junior golf community something new! This class will focus on golfer development and long term athletic/golf fitness development.

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collage of fruits and vegetables nutrition
3 Steps to Making Positive Food Choices Workshop September 24, 2019 | 6:30PM - 7:30PM

A simple process that helps people be aware what they are choosing to eat. Less about the food itself and more about our motivations behind those choices. Rarely are many people making conscious choices to eat food solely because of the nutritional value, so this training gives someone the tools to evaluate those true motivations for themselves. Rarely does knowledge about nutritional value of food translate into choosing to eat that food regularly. Rachel will also be sharing how nutritional counseling can benefit overall health and life.

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Northwest Portland Run Club
Run Club @ NW Portland Every Thursday | Begins May 30th | 5:45pm

Join us every THURSDAY in the clinic at 5:45pm and become a part of Run Club! Begins May 30. All levels are welcome and can choose from 1, 3 or 5-mile distances each week.

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eastwind daily run
Main Street Run Club Every Monday | 6:30 pm

Come hang out with some friends at our new run club meeting at our clinic in Oregon City! We will meet at Therapeutic Associates Oregon City Physical Therapy at 104 Molalla Ave. at 6:30 PM. From there you will be led on a 3-5 mile run on local trails and streets around the city. We will come back to the clinic and stretch for a post-run stretch, foam roll and snacks.

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Liberty Lake Run Club Every Thursday | 6:30 PM

The Liberty Lake Run Club meets every Thursday at 6:30pm rain or shine for a 3 mile run/walk on various routes in Liberty Lake, ending with a happy hour at a local watering hole. Whether you’re training for your 10th marathon, trying to get back into shape, or just want to enjoy our company, you are welcome to join us. After 6 runs/walks you’ll earn your very own LLRC t-shirt. Come run with us!

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The Separation Series: Increase Your Flexibility & Improve Your Separation May 25 | June 1 | August 3 | See Details for Session Times

Increase your distance off the tee by improving your flexibility and increasing your upper to lower body separation. This clinic will explore the latest technology in ball flight data (Trackman) and 3D motion analysis (K-Vest) to create a baseline, intervene with exercise and swing drills, and reassess after you have worked through your program to objectify change in flexibility as well as ball and club head speed over time.

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Eastwind Running & Endurance: Daily Walk Mon/Thurs - 2:00pm | Tue/Thu - 9:00am

Gresham Physical Therapy is happy to partner with Eastwind Running and Endurance Club! Our clinic is the meeting place and start of weekday walks. These are Monday/Thursday beginning at 2:00pm and Tuesday/Thursday beginning at 9:00am. Walks are at a social pace, and all are welcome!

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One Million Step Challenge June 14, 2019 - September 22, 2019

Our fourth annual 1 Million Step Challenge has begun! The goal for each individual is to hit 1 million steps in 100 days. As a way to achieve this, we will help lead community walks, provide you with tips and tricks, and have a finale party to celebrate our achievements. Prizes will be awarded to top finishers.

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Gresham Farmer's Market
Complimentary Injury Screen at Gresham Farmer's Market Second Saturday of the Month | 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

If you have experienced an injury or have a nagging ache/pain that won’t go away, swing by our booth for a FREE injury screen. Our therapists will consult with you on your pain and direct you to the appropriate plan of recovery.

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Eastwind Running & Endurance: Daily Run Monday - Friday | 5:00 am

Gresham Physical Therapy is happy to partner with Eastwind Running and Endurance Club! Our clinic is the meeting place and start of weekday training runs. These are Monday through Friday beginning at 5:00 am. Runs are 4 – 5 miles at a social pace, and all are welcome!

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